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  1. Mine does this too. I just took some cotton cleaning patches and put them so there is a tighter fit between the barrel and the grip, problem solved.
  2. Drundel

    Gun Dipping?

    You might look at Edmonson Technologies 5984 Canton Road, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 924-3036 if you want it camo. If just black, try Black-T. There was an A5 done on shotgunworld.com that looked sharp!
  3. A Beretta 20 ga. gas gun should shoot anything and everything. I have never done anything than light cleaning on my 391 Sporting Gold and its jammed once or twice in 8 years. Tear it down and clean it real well.
  4. I have these on mine. I don't think they are worth it. And before I put them on, my gun was pretty much right on at about 30 yards with slugs. Now, I have it cranked all the way (up I think) and its still too high or too low. I'm not sure which it is, but I mean I can't get it sighted in more than about 3" one way at 30 yards. And I have tried them in the dark when its pitch black and I still can't see them very well. Even more so when I turn on my flashlight.
  5. Not really. Only shots like straight overhead or weird angles. If I raise up from my layout and shoot, usually my body recoils pretty well and it doesn't bother me.
  6. To put on the finish? If so, no. Just LIGHT soap and water to clean off dirt, blood, etc.
  7. Drundel

    gun oil

    http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6760 The last two years I put my SBEII through an experiment. I only cleaned it when it wouldn't cycle anymore. I hunted Canada in fall of '07. I cleaned it VERY well before that trip, then after that not again until 12/08 when my bolt would close as if it was in slow motion. Gun still fired, just not very fast. It made it over a year with lots of shooting before a cleaning. In the 2 I run FP-10 oil and grease.
  8. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a bottom ejector. It would be nice if all the shells ejected at my feet and not a mile away.
  9. How is the quality of these? I was looking at getting a +4 for my SBE for extended goose season. My brother has a SureCycle but if $110. I'd gladly save $60 and take 2 shots less. Thanks
  10. http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/09.02.08/IMG_0141.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/09.15.08/IMG_1236.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/11.01.08/IMG_1247.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/12.01.08/IMG_1262.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/12.03.08/IMG_9688.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/12.08.08/IMG_1296.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/12.24.08/12.24.08.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/12.27.08/IMG_0204.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove08/01.03.09/IMG_0508.jpg
  11. http://www.shopwiki.com/ I searched on there last time home for the tacstar one and the clamp. I'm impressed. It was better made that I thought. I sprayed the inside of the clamp with the plasti-dip stuff and put rubber tape on the metal where it met and screwed it down tight.
  12. I bought some night sights for my SN and they fit on fine, but I never could get them sighted in. They were always low and I have it maxed out on the adjustment. I don't know if Benelli makes something different for the SN.
  13. I picked up a pair of Meprolight NS last fall for my SN and I never could get them zero'ed right. Its been a while since I shot it, but its either too high or too low and the sights are maxed out to correct it. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of just selling them if I can't get it a little more zero'ed. Thanks
  14. Drundel


    Its not the best bluing there is, but I found that with my old Nova, if i always kept barrel with a good coat of Corrosion-X it was pretty rust free. If you are really worried about it, you can get it Teflon coated.
  15. I never did find them, or I don't think I did. I called a local Benelli dealer and they ordered them, but when I picked them up, they were Mepro lights, but they did have the Benelli 60795 number on them so who knows. Over all I'm not impressed. They aren't very bright. If I have my flashlight on in the dark, you can't even see the lights.
  16. Anyone of you guys found a good place to order Benelli accessories? I am having trouble finding some stuff and I was just gonna have a dealer order the parts. Thanks
  17. My picts. The light looks crooked, but its not. http://www.drundel.com/sdh/temp/SN/
  18. You guys must have better eye sight than me or the NS are REALLY bright. I have a hard time seeing the normal sights in daylight. So I'm not sure which sites to get, the Meprolight or the Benelli ones.
  19. I'm at the autoshop right now having a coil put on my F-150 and when I get home I'll get a picture of my SN with a TacStar light. I haven't shot it yet, but it feels pretty solid. I put on some liquid electric tape on the mount so it will hopefully not slip as easy.
  20. Hmm... I never got an e-mail that this thread had responses. Thanks for the posts.
  21. That looks pretty good. Better than I would have guessed actually.
  22. Anyone bought these for their SN? If so, what do you think of them? How much did you pay? Thanks
  23. So I've been looking at a sling mount for my SuperNova kinda like these. http://www.danieldefense.com/?page=shop/browse&category=slingmounts_870slingmounts http://www.pkfirearms.com/images/item_images/item_1086_1_lg.jpg but no-one makes them for the SN. I don't like using the loop in the stock and I was thinking about making something to put around the stock right behind the pistol grip to attach a sling too. Anyone ever make anything like this or see anything?
  24. Mark, I work on the Slope and am here now. Who is carrying around M4's? I get nervous when I see all the old security guys with their S&W 686, if one of those guys had an M4 slung over his shoulder, I don't think I would ever goto PBOC, MCC, BOC, etc. anymore. OT: When is it gonna warm up? It was snowing last night.
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