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  1. Factory fixed. Check out some patterns of a rifled barrel and how it opens up the pattern. Interesting idea for 10 feet type of shot.
  2. Where did you guys order them from?
  3. I was curious if anyone has ever used one of these short ones? The pad on my SBE2 is pretty beat up after 4 years of hunting. I'm thinking about one for waterfowl hunting when I'm wearing lots of layers. Thx Brad
  4. Your SBEII shoots 7/8??? I have had my SBE2 since 4/04 and have put LOTS of duck and goose ammo through it and it shoots 1-1/8 fine. Sometimes it will cycle 1 oz. but not enough to count on it.
  5. Drundel

    Vinci update

    Thanks for the updates.
  6. Image 2 is right. If you were to unscrew your recoil tube from your receiver you would see how the indention in the plunger form a pocket for the link (on the bolt) to fit in. Look at the schematic from Brownell and you'll see how it matches up with your image 2.
  7. Wow, I can't imagine that part of town back then. What was 528 like then? Was Moore road even there? How about sun meadow? We moved there in '84 and it used to be nice country drive over to Alvin. Not any more. Idiots don't understand why it floods when they keep turning under fields for homes and churches. I think if you drove the area now you'd be shocked and if you ever drove over to 288 via 518, you'd probably get in a wreck gawking at all the new stuff.
  8. cleefurd: Do you know if yours will fit the SBE/M1 platform? Thanks
  9. Instead of spending good money on those targets, go to a hobby or type store and look for the cheap rolls of picnic table cloth (plastic). It makes great cheap targets.
  10. I have a 20 ga. and love it. I got it for my gf mainly, but I tried it out on doves one day and its a sweet shooter. Its gonna be my teal gun next year too. I really like the shell indicator. I find myself checking that a lot after I shoot to see if I reloaded or not.
  11. Thanks. I do like the looks of the DC one. Anyone ever tried the Nordic one? http://buy.nordiccomp.com/product.aspx?pid=378
  12. Duggan: Which is which on your pictures? I'd like one the size on left for my SBEs. When its cold and I'm wearing gloves, sometimes its hard to rack the gun and the geese have to die.
  13. Did you look over at sure cycle?
  14. Sounds like you are doing it right. Its not fun or easy, it takes heat and pressure. And sounds like it very well could be your spring. I waterfowl hunt a lot and my tube is usually filled with gunk that reminds me of heavy crude. Edit. I'd use blue loctite, since you will most likely take it off again to clean it.
  15. Hold up! You are trying to replace the spring itself, or the whole recoil tube receiver??? This guy right? http://www.brownells.com/aspx/ns/schematics/schemmfg.aspx?schemid=682&m=1&mn=Benelli+U.S.A.%C2%AE&model=Super+90+M1+Field+ If so, you want to heat the end nearest the butt of the gun. Jeff over at surecycle used to have instructions on how to do it, but I can't find them online right now. Post up pictures and I'll PS them to point where to heat. See if this helps. http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=14617
  16. Drundel

    Vinci ship date?

    tdaggett any update? Thanks
  17. http://www.drundel.com/sdh/temp/SN/IMG_0277.jpg http://www.drundel.com/sdh/temp/SN/IMG_0279.jpg
  18. I put some in my SN and now for some reason the sight is way off. Its either high or low (I don't remember which) but before I put in the sights, it was right now. I went back to old sights, no luck. Not sure what's going on, but I can't find any info if there is a right way or wrong way to install them. VERY frustrating.
  19. I will when I get home. I'm at work till the 15th and 4000 miles away. Here are some old pictures of it before I put on the TacStar +2. http://www.drundel.com/sdh/temp/SN/
  20. So when I first got my SN it was shooting pretty right on with slugs. I got night sights (ghost ring), installed them, and it all went to ****. I don't remember if it was high or low, but the elevation was maxed out in the way it needed to be and was still off by like 8-10 inches. I wasn't too worried about this as its a shotgun, but its been slowly eating at me. I put the stock sights back in, same issue. So, is there some trick about installing the rear sight that you have to do so they can be adjusted right? Thanks Brad
  21. People say that a lot on here about TacStar so I was shocked when it got to my house and it turned out to be well made. I have a SureCycle mag tube for my SBEII and I don't see it being twice as good. Plus, if I have to trim a spring, I don't consider that good. It should be drop in ready.
  22. Please post up how you like it.
  23. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?p=105470&posted=1#post105470
  24. I have a TacStar side saddle, +2 mag extension, and flashlight with pressure activation switch. All appear well made and a good bang for the buck. I bought a LED upgrade for my light from ebay and its MUCH brighter and lasts a lot longer with the batteries.
  25. Drundel


    My dealer said mid-summer. Price is about $100 less than SBEII they think.
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