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  1. Great weekend in South Dakota with two of my cousins, a great landowner, and a guy I just met and his son. Hunted last Friday afternoon and all day Saturday (well, kind of) near Parkston , SD. Got my limit in 3 hours on Friday, and in about 2 hours on Saturday. As you'll see from the photos, 6 limits is 18 birds. Way too much fun.
  2. How'd you do? See photos on my trip to South Dakota this weekend.
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    Check to make sure the firing pin spring is not broken, or gummed up to the point where it won't push the pin all the way back.
  4. lefty, For pen raised birds at short distances, 8's will kill them, but I'd be more inclined to go with 7-1/2 or 6 shot as tucker noted. And like tucker said, at that distance a skeet choke is plenty. But I submit: If you're missing pheasants at 25 yards....well...it isn't because of the choke or the shot size you were using. The problem is the nut behind the trigger. My advice to you is practice, practice, practice on clays until you're smoking them with regularity. Trap, skeet, sporting clays all help. Like a wise man once said, "The more I shoot clay targets, the
  5. I'd bet they're pretty light loads, though I don't know. Doesn't take much to break a clay, and all he really has to make sure is that it cycles the gun. He used to have his own website and would answer questions like that.
  6. Thanks. That's "Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina Phasianus Colchicus" a.k.a. Katie Unlike many hunting dogs, she is also the family house pet. She sleeps on the bed with my wife when I'm away on business trips. Also unlike many German Shorthaired Pointers, she's very low key. She's almost 10 years old now. Get this...we got her at the local animal haven. She was a stray. She's a great dog.
  7. Common brand name is Break-Free CLP. Available in Wally World stores, at least in my area.
  8. Votes for gas semi-auto's. Remington 1100 or 1187; Beretta 390 or 391. Don't know much about the Winchester gas guns, but some folks seem to like them. But I'm starting to warm up to the Benelli SuperSport. A fellow I know who is a master class NSCA shooter uses one.
  9. I'd start them off with a Remington 1187 youth 20 gauge. Very soft recoil. Very good gun.
  10. timb99

    benelli recoil

    Ported choke? I doubt it. Limbsaver pad would probably help.
  11. Most Italian-made guns get a proof mark from the Italian Proofing House. Usually a small (about 1/4") rectangle with a two letter code. If it is a recently made gun, it'll start with a B or a C. BZ is 2005, CA is 2006, CB is 2007. On Over/Unders it is on the bottom of the monobloc. Not sure where it will be for semi-auto guns. Probably on the receiver and/or the barrel. Tim
  12. As Banjo said, it is the forcing cone. What is a forcing cone, you ask? The forcing cone is where the inside diameter of the barrel transitions from the chamber diameter, which for a 12 gauge barrel is about 0.800 inches, to the bore diameter, which for a 12 gauge barrel is about 0.729 inches (nominally, unless your gun is back-bored in which case it'll be slightly bigger.) This cone starts approximately at the end of the chamber (so for a gun with a 3" chamber, the cone would start at about 3 inches from the breech end of the barrel.) This is also why you should never us
  13. Bird dog Katie looking over the harvest.
  14. My buddy's camera was set on Black & White. With pheasants, that's kinda like watching a Technicolor movie starring Maureen O'Hara on a Black & White TV. Me in the middle.
  15. Novaking, Good point. There are a number of states that require a plug when hunting upland game.
  16. The plug is there because any time you hunt waterfowl or other migratory birds, Federal law dictates you must have your magazine plugged so the gun cannot accept more than 3 shells. Not sure exactly how to remove the plug from a Benelli, but as far as I know, all guns with a tube magazine have a way to remove the plug. Also, MAKE SURE your range allows you to load more than one shell at a time. Most don't.
  17. Great weekend in Western Kansas with 7 friends. Hunted last Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, all day Saturday, and half day Sunday morning near Ness City, Kansas. ALMOST got a double bag limit of pheasant and bobwhite quail on Friday. Got 4 rooster pheasants and 6 quail. The limits in Kansas are 4 an 8, respectively. Between the 8 of us, we bagged 41 roosters and 10 or 15 quail (we backed off the quail to make sure we left plenty for the landowner's son to hunt them.) I gotta tell you, the sound of a rooster pheasant cackling, or a pheasant flush, or a bobwhite flush
  18. tucker As long as there are politicians, there will be politicians who believe free citizens with guns are a threat to their power. As long as there are violent criminals, there will be well meaning, but misled people, who believe free citizens with guns are a threat to their lives. In both cases, I believe organizations like the NRA, GOA, and others must exist to combat these, and other threats to the 2nd Amendment and our freedom. I will not debate whether their existence would no longer be needed if the fight was won, but remember, they began not as a political lobbying
  19. Greenhorn, Most (but not all) choke tubes are referred to as to how they pattern with lead shot, not steel shot. The most common chokes are, from tightest to most open: Full Improved Modified Modified Improved Cylinder Skeet Cylinder Some people suggest that you should not use steel shot through a full or improved modified choke tube. Others say its OK. I don't hunt with steel that often, and I don't need that tight a pattern, so I don't worry about it. A lead modified choke will throw a full pattern when used with steel. A lead improved cylinder choke
  20. Can I start to shoot steel? Yes Will I damage the gun? No if I understand correctly this barrel (bottom) fires first Correct Steel shot patterns tighter than lead shot. That is, a choke tube that says "modified" on it, will throw something more like a full pattern when used with steel shot. Note, what I am talking about is what the choke tubes pattern with lead. Often times, choke tubes will say, for example, "Modified - Lead/Full - Steel" That means, if you're using lead shot, this choke tube will throw a nominal modified pattern, but if you're using st
  21. By "club pheasants" I assume you mean pen-raised birds? If so, hunting over dogs, an IC choke will be plenty. Can't help on the other questions. Hope you have fun. Next week at this time I'll be hunting wild pheasants in Western Kansas.
  22. JB, For true "trap", 16 yards is how far back you stand from the machine. By the time you call for the bird, see it, get on it, get a lead, and pull the trigger, the bird is 30 to 35 yards away from you. Closer if you're a quick shooter, a little more if you are a slow shooter. That's why I recommend patterning (to establish pattern efficiency) at about 35 yards. I shoot a lot of trap. Great fun. Good luck. Tim
  23. By the way, you DO NOT have to load a BPS or an Ithaca 37 by loading a shell in the magazine first, then cycling the action. Just turn the gun over so the bottom of the receiver is "up", (while consciously remembering to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction) then move the slide forward just enough that the two ejector fingers retract into the top of the receiver. Then place a shell into the chamber and close the slide. Take your fingers out first... If you get good at this, you don't even have to roll the gun over on its back to do it. Tim
  24. Try the Browning website, or their customer service. Never been inside a BPS...BUT...if they're anything much like their cousin the Ithaca Model 37, its not that bad at all.
  25. Using a farm crop to fuel transportation is absurd.
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