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  1. ID of the barrel is not the same as the OD of the choke or the choke tube threads. Make sure you are clear what you are asking for. Can't say for Benelli, but my other Italian-made gun has the barrel inside diameter stamped, in millimeters, on the barrel. It'll be approximately 18.4 mm or 18.5 mm. Thereabouts. Direct measurement requires the use of an inside micrometer or inside calipers long enough to get past the point where the choke starts. Nominal 12 gauge diameter in inches is 0.729. That will vary if the barrel is backbored.
  2. Could still be the gun. I won an "off-brand" semi-auto at a Pheasants Forever banquet. Took it to the pattern board and off a bench rest, the center of the pattern was 6 inches low and 2 inches left at 30 yards. Put an adjustable comb on it, and now it shoots where I want it to.
  3. Pattern with a tight pattern. It will tell you better where you point of impact is centered. Use a bench rest, or kneeleing if a bench rest is not available. That way you don't introduce any flinch or movement that might occur shooting off-hand. If you want to establish ONLY point of impact, shoot at about 13 to 15 yards. That will tell you where your gun is shooting, but not what your pattern looks like.
  4. To lower your POI, you can either lower your rear sight (a.k.a. your eye) by lowering the comb, or raise your front sight. I don't know much about Benelli's, but assuming it has shims that go between the receiver and the stock, if it has a shim that is thick at the top and thin at the bottom, that'd be a good one to try.
  5. Cathy, Coat all the areas of the gas path of your Remington with a thin coating of Break-Free CLP. That makes cleaning a snap. Old trick from a trap shooter who used to shoot an 1100 for trap. Shooting it wet with CLP, I could go 500 shots without cleaning, and when I did clean, it took very little time.
  6. "is a patternmaster worth twice the money of a Briley or Trulock" Briley and Trulock make excellent chokes. I can't imagine a Patternmaster is twice as good. "and do you go ported or not?" For shotguns, porting is virtually ineffective at reducing recoil, regardless of claims to the contrary. I think I calculated that for a shotgun, porting is theoretically capable of reducing recoil by about 2%. Ported chokes, since the holes are all around the tube's circumference, also can't do anything about muzzle jump. Ported barrels, where all the ports are on the top of the bar
  7. Don't know of one for that model, but you can make a makeshift one out of a heavy rubber band (like the ones they use to bundle broccoli in the grocery store) and place it around your receiver, partially blocking the ejection port at the front. Not kidding. Place it so the bolt will completely close, but when the bolt opens, the front of the ejection port is blocked. Looks goofy, but it works. T&S makes shell catchers for Remington 1100's and Beretta 390/391's. But I don't know of anyone who makes a catcher or deflector for a M2.
  8. timb99


    I know a guy who has one of those cleaning kits.
  9. "What choke should I be using for Sporting clays?" Depends on the course. Were you shooting 5-stand or true sporting clays? Most lost targets are a result of operator error, and not because you had the wrong choke in the gun. Keep your head on the stock, and both eyes on the target.
  10. timb99

    Youth Models

    Mark, Tapping on my own experience with my daughter (now 20, and a pretty good trap shooter) here's what I offer (though my daughter was 11 when I started. at 17, you'll have different challenges to overcome.) Remember, this gun is for her, not you. Make sure she is in on the deal. You may think you're getting her the best gun for her, but if you buy her something she hates, it'll never see the light of day. Second, recoil is a fun-killer. Light weight pump or break-action guns are great for carrying in the field, but they will knock the snot out of a small person. I know
  11. No, I don't. You might just call Browning.
  12. I'm guessing the "70" is the chamber length in millimeters (2-3/4 inch)
  13. It's still breaking the law. a.k.a. Poaching.
  14. A friend of mine shoots a supersport for sporting clays (he's master class) and if I recall correctly, he shoots 7/8 ounce loads at about 1300 fps.
  15. What novaking said. On the barrel length for your supernova, shoulder both barrel lengths at your local store, and go with what feels best.
  16. "With that being said....what am I looking for in a good skeet/trap barrel? High vent rib...twin beads.....etc? Which Remington barrel would be ideal?" There's the rub. You're talking about two different games. There are a couple of ways to approach this. Get two different barrels, one for trap, one for skeet. or Get one barrel and try to meet in the middle. Unless you're really into one or the other, (that is, you just shoot skeet and trap for fun, and not in competition) you can probably do fine with one barrel and some choke tubes. Trap is a game where the
  17. If you're sure you want to get the original barrel threaded, absolutely, positively, have it done by someone who does this kind of work on a day to day basis. I recommend either Carlson's in Atwood, KS, Briley's in Houston. These guys can also add a mid-rib bead for you, at very little cost. Make sure you tell them you want it threaded for Remington chokes. I would not trust a barrel to anyone else. The ONLY thing a mid-rib bead does for you is to allow you to make sure your gun mount is good and your barrel is lined up with your eye. Once you call for the target, you'd bette
  18. My recommendations for what its worth. The 1100 is a very versatile gun, and can be used for all the games. Just changing the barrel and stock makes this gun suitable for multiple purposes. Barrels are fairly easy to find on sites like gunbroker.com. For trap, I'd recommend a 30" trap barrel. And, if you want, you can put a trap stock on it with a monte-carlo comb, to raise the point of impact a little. For skeet and sporting clays, see if you can find a 26" field barrel with choke tubes. Use a skeet tube for skeet, and depending on how the sporting clays course is set
  19. That's a darned good average Jorge. I'm at just over 95 this season in ATA shooting. I shot a 97 on Saturday.
  20. I always recommend a Remington 1187 Sportsman youth model as a good starter gun. Short barrel, short stock, and very, very light on recoil. DO NOT get one of those single shot hammer guns. They're responsible for a lot of kids never wanting to shoot another shotgun for the rest of their lives. For young kids, recoil is an absolute fun-killer. Also, try to find a way for her to break some exceptionally easy targets. Miss after miss after miss is also a major fun-killer. Just pulling the trigger and going bang doesn't stay fun for very long. They need to see targets b
  21. You first have to post the photos on a photo hosting website like photobucket or snapfish. Then you have to use the proper code in your message. I think its: Where value is the link to the photo. For example: This used the code where the "value" was: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b265/timb99/Condor%20Disassembly/PICT0016.jpg
  22. True on many, but the 1100/1187 piston ring set will travel 2-3 inches back and forth between the end of the cylinder (barrel hanger) and the action sleeve. Not sure about this Franchi unit. I've never seen one.
  23. Most often with gas guns, the issue of not cycling is one of cleanliness. Clean everything well, including making sure the ports in the barrel are not plugged (use a tiny drill bit and your fingers! not a drill motor), piston rings and cylinder surfaces are all clean, and making sure the action return spring is clean, and put it back together. On my gas guns I have found that a light coating of Break-Free CLP on all the parts that will "get gassed" keeps things operating smoothly and makes it oh so much easier to clean. Most folks who shoot Remington 1100's and 1187's competitiv
  24. Depends on what you're using the gun for. There are many brands and many styles within those brands. KickEez, Limbsaver, Gooey, Pachmayr Then within that you have concave, convex, sporting clays, etc. etc. What will you use the guns for?
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