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  1. Pat,


    Two e-mails sent.


    Good luck, and e-mail me if you have questons.



  2. Some homeowners association board members need an old fashoined a$$ whuppin.
  3. Look for a product called premethrin. You put it on your clothing, let it dry over night. Supposed to kill ticks on contact.
  4. Where are you that you can shoot hens?
  5. Happens on my Mossberg 500. Everything releases on the shot so its easer to cycle the action to get a new shell in the chamber.
  6. Never felt the need for any of my guns to be camouflaged.
  7. Whether this is true or not, I don't know. In theory, for an inertial semi-auto to work, there needs to be some backwards movement of the entire gun, which is then stopped by your shoulder, and the inertia of the bolt continues backwards to cycle the action. As such, if the gun never moves, supposedly the bolt will never release to cycle the action. Like I said, I don't know if its true, and it kind of doesn't matter, since there are very few scenarios where this will be the case. Only one I can think of, and even this is a stretch. If you were turkey hunting with
  8. Messages sent. Good luck.



  9. "The extended choketubes gives you a 25% longer parallel section than the flush mount choke does." Which is exactly wht I said they would say. And, like I said, that's sales propaganda. I'd like them to show conclusive unbiased third party evidence of that, but they won't go to that trouble (and why should they?) So I'll counter their propaganda with this propaganda: There is a British company called Teague that makes choke tubes that taper all the way to the end of the choke, that is, NO parallel section whatsoever, and they claim their chokes perform better than chokes WITH
  10. Simply put, the new gun does not fit you the same way as the old Mossberg guns did. Pattern it, and see where it shoots. If it doesn't shoot where you think it shoots, or where you want it to shoot, you have three options. Learn to shoot where it shoots. Get it modified so that it shoots where you want it to shoot. Get a different gun. Off-the-shelf guns are made to fit everybody. Which means they fit almost nobody perfectly. Good luck.
  11. I like Carlson's tubes. I have a bunch of them. I had them put tubes in one of my guns that previously had fixed chokes. But if you call them and ask them, what they'll say is sales BS (because they get more money for their extended tubes.) They'll say something like "the longer parallel section gives you better patterns." But its just that. BS. People who have objectively tested choke tubes by actually testing pattern characteristics (there's a program called Shotgun Insight that actually counts pellet strikes from photos of patterns, and analyzes patterns) have determined what most pe
  12. The ONLY thing extended choke tubes do any better or differently than flush choke tubes is to allow them to be more easily removed and installed. That's it. Nothing else. Plus they look cooler.
  13. Kansas upland season starts 14 November.
  14. Just talked to my favorite landowner in western Kansas. He says by his observation, it'll be as good or better than last year. Too bad season doesn't open for TWO MONTHS!
  15. Forecast for Kansas isn't out yet. I expect it in a week or two. I've heard rumors it won't be good.
  16. Changing the pitch of the recoil pad doesn't change where your cheek bone meets the comb, nor where your eye is in relationship to the barrel. Pitch is a "comfort" thing that allows the recoil pad to be fully engaged with your shoulder pocket, and not digging in to your pectoral muscle AND if done correctly can reduce face slap (which, if I read this correctly, you may have just made worse.) Let us know how it works out.
  17. gibsonhoyt, You have it backwards. Like trapshooter1 said, if your gun is shooting too low, you need to RAISE the rear sight (a.k.a. your eye) to get it to shoot higher, not lower it! The only way to do that is to make the comb higher. The cheap way is what trapshooter1 suggested. Go to the local drug store and buy some Dr. Scholl's moleskin. The stuff you put over foot blisters. Go to the range, and add two or three thicknesses of moleskin to the comb. Shoot some patterns, and when the center of the pattern is a little higher than your bead, you'll be pretty close to w
  18. No sweat. When he posts back, we'll all find out what he really wanted.
  19. If so, then I misunderstood. I thought he wanted the actual barrel inside diameter.
  20. I think what you are measuring is the recessed area of the barrel that accepts the choke tube. What you need to measure is the ID of the barrel, deeper than the length of the choke tube. There is a step diameter change in the barrel at the point where the choke tube seats into the barrel.
  21. Novaking. What is the outside diameter of the choke tube? Not the threads, but the non-muzzle end?
  22. FYI, Carlson aftermarket chokes for Benelli guns have a "cylinder" choke nominal ID of 0.725. If that's what your Supernova uses, that's going to be within a thousandth or two of what the barrel ID is.
  23. If the measurement you are trying to obtain is the nominal ID of the barrel, which is the same dimension from the end of the forcing cone, which is just after the chamber, to the point where the choke tube starts, then you need an inside micrometer or an inside caliper deep enough to get down to that point. The dimension will be anywhere from 0.723 to about 0.750, but unlikely to be any bigger than 0.750. Tim
  24. "If you measure the lowest depth of your chokes threads it should give you the highest point of your barrel's threading which should be the diameter of the barrel...right?" No. Absolutely not. You can buy a "cylinder" choke tube that has the same ID as the barrel, right? Your cylinder choke tube MUST have some metal between the deepest valley of its threading and the ID of the tube. Right? So the depth of the thread cannot be the same dimension as the ID of the barrel. The barrel ID is NOT 0.783. That would be larger than the standard nominal bore ID of a 10 gauge.
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