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  1. I could have some serious fun at the skeet range with that.
  2. I have many thousands of rounds through the Super Sport I pictured above, I should have stated that the marks and wear don't seem excessive at all to me. If it bothered me at all I suppose I could take a file and sandpaper to it.
  3. My Super Sport has very similar wear.
  4. I've shot thousands of rounds of target loads through my M4 on the skeet field. Finally this last year I had a few jams one day, took it home and pulled the pistons out, scrubbed the carbon off, and she's as good as new.
  5. An Ultra Light or a Legacy in 28. http://www.benelliusa.com/ultra-light-shotgun http://www.benelliusa.com/legacy-shotgun
  6. I love shooting skeet with my M4, it's a hoot to out shoot some grumpy snob with a Kreighoff. That said, you can't have to many shotguns, can you? I have a Super Sport that has many thousands of rounds through it that I broke clays with before I started having fun with the M4.
  7. That's what I'd do. Give it a once over with a wire brush to knock off the rust, lightly coat it with oil, and put it back in service.
  8. Mine runs light skeet loads without issue. Hopefully yours will loosen up with some breakin.
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