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  1. I'd help you out but mine is off getting NP3'd. They have had it for almost 4 months now. Also. the prices are insane unless you find one locally. They are selling 2x normal retail on GB. I can tell you I have coveted the M4 for a long time. After many years I finally broke down and got one. It's my first shotgun and I can tell you I have no regrets. Well, no regrets except this forum, motivating me to lift more money out of my wallet to trick it out.
  2. Some guy caught a bid on that 6k legit H2O new in box. Though it's not a sale until it's paid for.
  3. It's good to know that people actually win that stuff. I've always wondered because you never see it announced.
  4. Ahh, I forgot about the 2 round count. My bad. Still seems like a lot of wear on those steps for only 2 rounds though.
  5. It's interesting that the trigger made contact with both "steps". One would think that it would have been aligned with one or the other. I wonder if it was rocking due to the fact that the disconnector pin sheared? Maybe it was rocking for a while after the shear until it finally broke? It almost implies there was "extra" play going on with they trigger. Total speculation on my part of course.
  6. How old is that A&S housing? I'm just wondering if it's from recent production.
  7. Thanks for the advice sir.
  8. Thanks SD. Without seeing the muted and this side by side do you think one is more close to NP3 than the other? It’s hard to tell from CC’s photo. Their muted looks lighter and shiny. Sometimes it’s hard to tell depending on the lighting. When the cerakote guy sent me a photo it looked exactly the same as it did when I gave it to him. I was like huh was it even painted? When I saw it in person for the first time it looked much lighter and I was like wow that looks pretty good.
  9. First world problems here. I had this CC Ti tube cerakotes to match Real NP3 H2O. I was considering just ordering a muted CC tube but I think this looks pretty damn good. Here it is shown next to an NP3 plated part. Since I’ve never held a muted tube in hand I can’t compare. Should I get a muted instead or does this One match NP3 better? Would finish durability be a factor in the decision making? This is cerakote and the muted is bead blasted, more durable I would imagine. I’m torn.
  10. They may make it but it's still different than the Agency one. I wonder if it's a drill and tap?
  11. I didn't seem them on brownell's. Maybe I missed it.
  12. Was this from the latest FFT batch? What trigger housing do you have? Plastic or the older aluminum? He really said, "oh well"?
  13. That Wilton vice is legit.
  14. Their bolt release looks interesting. I like the loading port job too. I wish my gunsmith did mine like that. I wanted it conservative but he was a bit too much so. Still looks good though.
  15. There goes the NP3 plating.
  16. Was this out of the latest FFT batch? I hope not. 🙁
  17. That stinks. I hope you get it sorted out soon. Keep us posted. Did Todd have any reaction to the fact that something needed trimming? Do you have an OEM trigger housing? If so is it plastic or the older aluminum?
  18. You used a utility knife to trim the aluminum on the stock?
  19. That's interesting. Hopefully, somebody will chime in and inform us of the secret recipe.
  20. Ok, cool. Thanks, I just wanted to double check for future reference.
  21. SD, just to clarify in a previous post I thing you mentioned 16mm. It seems 8mm would be a little small.
  22. Thanks SD! That's excellent.
  23. I'm partial to Geissele for 2 stage but there are other quality options out there.
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