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  1. Yes, I know but unfortunately I don't have my M4 in hand right now. It's getting some work done. LOL
  2. Yeah, it appears that the link is now a no go. It was working when I checked it out months ago.
  3. I found a chart somewhere online. I can't remember where. I'll try to dig it up and post the link when I find it.
  4. Ok thanks again sir! I have a 11703 and I believe (based on the serial number) it was manufactured in 2018. So, I guess it's safe to say I have the 3 position tube. I always thought I did but I started to second guess myself recently. Being that I don't have the shotty on hand I couldn't simply take a look.
  5. Thanks SD. How did you drive that "center" pin out of the stock. I'm assuming it retains the button and spring. Does the hole go clear through to the other side?
  6. I'm under the impression that all the newer models come with the 3 position except for the fixed c stocks? A. I'm wondering if I'm correct. B. When did they start including them 2015/2016 etc?
  7. Do all models produced in the last few years come with the 3 position tube unless it's a fixed/pinned c stock model? I know way back this wasn't the case a couple models came with out. What was the cutoff year when they began to come with the 3 pos?
  8. SD, did you send in all the metal stock parts? I would imagine not the spring but pins, tiny washers etc? I recall you saying that you had to source different size screws for the but pad.
  9. Just found these. They look awesome. I wish they had a rear sight offering. These are like Trijicon HD's. https://www.xssights.com/Products.aspx?CAT=13438
  10. TY sir. As soon as Wright gets my M4 back to me the install will happen. They have had her for slightly over 13 weeks now. Then if I can just get my paint guy to get my CC tube back to me I'll be good. He painted it a "stainless" cerakote and it looks exactly CC's H2O match which is what I gave him. I could hardly tell the difference and he barely could either. He said he might try a satin aluminum but I haven't heard back from him in a bit. I should have sent it to your guy.
  11. Thank you sir. I would imaging you want to center the sight post the best you can before it's snugged. It seems like that takes the guess work out of the front sight and I would assume the rear is all windage.
  12. The scratch doesn't bother me. I'm more concerned with the little chip on the edge of the pin hole. It's suppose to be new.
  13. I'm wondering the same thing along with another question. I wish I saw your thread before I posted mine.
  14. For those that have installed these how do you determine your elevation setting for the front sight post? Also, Meprolight or Benelli brand? Are they the same just different p[packaging? Does the Benelli version use Trijicon lamps? Which one is better and why?
  15. I know I'm very anal and meticulous so I am probably concerned for no reason. However, I thought I would get the consensus from the collective brain here on the forum. This is a new trigger and you can see in the pic one of the pin holes is mildly jacked up. I'm not worried about it form a cosmetic stand point. My concern is if it could become a stress crack down the road.
  16. Looks like they have some interesting stuff. I don't like the fact they have multiple springs with the pistol guide rods. If they came up with two how about make a Goldie Locks version in the middle? Then and just go with that spring/weight. I don't want to have to think that hard and play mad scientist burning through ammo back and forth. Once decided my mind will then play tricks on me and tell me to go back to the other spring. Then back to the other, I don't need that aggravation. In my mind I've defeated the idea before I've even tried it. LOL
  17. This is exactly why I dumped my Urbino stock before I ever used it. Poor design but that's just one man's opinion.
  18. Yeah, and that pin is a stupid tight fit as well. Great trigger guard/frame though.
  19. I obtained my SRO through other means but I went with the 2.5 MOA that they had paired with the Sync. Figure at 50 yards the dot is still just 1.25 MOA.
  20. I looked at what Scalarworks bundles with their sync mounts and went with that. I figured since they make the sync they should have a pretty good handle on it.
  21. I think they look pretty darn good on this H2O build.
  22. Btw that wasn’t a loaded question given that I’m selling a set. I’m honestly wondering because it appears the client met the 922r quota. If anything I might be considering keeping my FFT set. Lol
  23. Is there a reason why your client went with the FFT forearms? I’m just curious because it seems like he had more than enough 922r parts to cover everything and then some.
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