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  1. These are brand new, never installed on an M4. Black FFT M4 forearm stippled by Tango Arms. These are US Made and count towards 922r compliance. These are awesome but due to some tweaks with my build I’ve decided to do something different. $180.00 shipped - save $20.00 between FFT shipping and sending back and forth to Tango. Best of all no wait!! Payments: PP F&F, Or Venmo. First I’ll take it is in for the win. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Milspec

    Best Bandolier?

    It seems the Urban ERT and Blackhawk have been topping the lists. One over the other? Additional suggestions?
  3. SD, I've heard that the Z61 tail cap can fit on the M300 scout lights. This would avoid the thumb jam. Do you have any experience with this tail cap? It looks very similar to your lathed down version.
  4. That fiber optic sight is interesting. What's up with the "modular barrel"? Maybe that just means you can swap it out for different lengths which is already the case.
  5. SD, did you not have the follower plated?
  6. If anyone is getting rid of their Cali collapsible in favor of something different. I'll take it. I can use that screw factor where I am. LOL
  7. Not to derail the thread but can these stocks be "fixed" in place on the standard adjustable recoil tubes?
  8. After using my searchfu that's what I suspected. They look better than the competitive options. Thanks for sharing. Now to figure out which version I need for a Sync mount. The standard I believe.
  9. Likewise No. 6. Thanks again for an amicable deal.
  10. Excellent work SD! Your painter did a nice job with the match on the light and mag tube. I can barely see any difference.
  11. Very nice! Who did you source that SRO cover from?
  12. Milspec

    Real H2O on G.B.

    Stack your chips high ladies and gentlemen.... https://www.gunbroker.com/item/860680834
  13. I appreciate the offer SD but I have an IW light mount currently being NP3'd.
  14. Bump...$399.00 Shipped with tracking. I'll still entertain the trades listed above minus the CC charging handle. I'll throw in a little cash for the SRO.
  15. Do you have the mag tube and light done by a local painter/cerakote guy? Or do you ship them out to somebody? I found a guy near me but he seems a little iffy about doing the NP3 paint match.
  16. $415.00 Shipped with tracking. Or Trades accepted: New in Box Scalarworks Leap Mount (SW0710) 34mm 1.57" New or like new Carrier Comp Charging Handle New in Box Trijicon SRO2 PP Gift /F&F or add 3.5%. US Postal Money Order also accepted. (Must clear my bank before shipping)
  17. Interesting thread. I guess the question would be.....Is it a criminal offense when you click on the LEO button and process the order when you are not one?
  18. I think it's the same as this one but at a much better price. I believe Botach makes these under their KZ brand. Maybe not, they both show different steel compositions? https://botach.com/kz-benelli-m4-ergonomic-3x-oversized-charging-handle/
  19. Do they have a manufacture date? Usually there is one on there to gauge the life of the Tritium. Depending on the date I might grab them from you.
  20. Do you notice any hue or color difference between NP3 & Np3 plus?
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