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  1. Does anyone know what the troops get for a GI cleaning kit? I am assuming it's one of those Otis deals.
  2. These just went live for pre order yesterday. https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p30/Benelli_M4_922r_Trigger_Package_Kit.html The last run apparently sold out. Though I haven't heard of anyone that's had experience with them.
  3. You might be right. The idea popped in my head when I dug up an old thread. Somebody used heat shrink tubing on theirs. Unfortunatlley, the pics are no longer active. I would have liked to see how it looked.
  4. Anyone Plasti Dip their GG&G bolt release? I'm thinking this could work out horribly bad or be amazing. I'm hoping it would prevent receiver scratching and the rubberized coating might be nice.
  5. This does get confusing. Mine came with a modified as well. However, on the Benelli website they say not safe to shoot slugs through chokes tighter than improved cylinder or cylinder. I thought to myself then why would they ship the M4 with a modified?
  6. That’s not a huge difference. Good to know. Thank you!
  7. That explains it, thanks. I was looking at the whole assembly for $79.00 or whatever it was. I thought sheesh they have it figured out.
  8. Aren’t those for Remingtons? Or, it doesn’t matter. Those are pretty expensive for Velcro and elastic material.
  9. Does anyone know roughly what the weight difference is between the OEM & A&S housings?
  10. Art makes great quality products. He has a very loyal following on another forum.
  11. Does anyone have an OEM black M4 false magazine extension that they want to get ride of? I'm sure a few of you must have some take offs hanging around.
  12. I’d like to know what Benelli alters and what parts they use on these to make them 922R compliant.
  13. Sorry, it’s been a little crazy at work. There is a little bump or roll where the stock meets the back of the receiver. Its hardly noticeable once it’s installed. i was thinking $115 shipped.
  14. Isn't the TTI one a "spinner"? 🤣 I heard that people have had them snap off in competitions. Not sure if that's fact or fiction. Perhaps a run with poor heat treat?
  15. No, the color is fine. Just a small spot I noticed. Idk maybe something with the mold? Most people probably wouldn’t even notice it.
  16. I have a new take off field stock. It looks like it has a slight factory blend but otherwise new. I can send you some pics if your interested.
  17. The CC looks awesome but a little too rich for my blood. I noticed Benelli makes an OEM knurled charging handle that looks interesting. Anyone have experience with it?
  18. Was looking for a picture of the CC charging handle on the interwebs but came up empty handed.
  19. Would plating one of these hammers negatively effect the surface hardness? I’m assuming they would probably sand blast it prior. It seems most people like to mix this hammer in with FFT trigger components.
  20. Great insight, thanks. I too saw the installation for the TTI bolt release. I can pull off the install no problem. My concern is the way it fastens to the factory bolt release. It seems like a lot of pressure and torque put on that little screw. Can anyone recommend solid options for a different oversized bolt release and a trigger spring kit? Any experiences with the trigger group on Benelliparts.net? It looks like a good value at $199 being NP3+ plated. I wonder if this was an OEM trigger group that was plates here. I think technically it would then be product of the USA.
  21. Do you have the A&S NP3+ plated?
  22. I don't see much buzz on here about TTI. All hype? I've heard a few snarky comments about their charging handles. Any merit? I like that lightened bolt carrier.
  23. Are the aluminum OEM's preferred over the polymer?
  24. Dumb question. Which came first the aluminum trigger guard or polymer? The M4 that I just picked up has a polymer unit. I see Midwest sells the stripped aluminum module.
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