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  1. That would be beyond terrible. They might want to figure it out before they get calls from rabid customers. lol
  2. I don't think it was the shipping. Sometimes they have items in stock, sometimes it's between them ordering. Often it seems they order certain things after an order is placed. I've had that happen with mounts, HSGI items and other stuff from them. Hopefully, they can fill the order. I do know what you mean though. Sometimes it takes them 3-7 days just to get in stock items out the door.
  3. Yes, I know I can purchase them from FFT but hoping somebody wants to unload a set. Like new or new preferred. I will also trade a new OEM set for the FFT set.
  4. I ordered the Noveske QD sling plate last night. It says 17-24 days for delivery which is fine. It’s obviously been discontinued by Noveske so I’m not sure how Optics Planet is going to source it. We’ll see.
  5. Lol, sometimes I wonder about those guys.
  6. Ok, interesting. I saw FFT is now pushing them for the M4? They are also listed on MWG. I saw them and was like, “huh”?
  7. It looks like you had the choke plated as well. I’m assuming that doesn’t cause any issues with fit?
  8. I guess I’m behind the times. When the heck did the 5 position recoil tube appear? What M4 models does it come with?
  9. I was just thinking... If they plate the stock internals won't they melt the nylon in the stock retaining nut?
  10. I guess I'll have to decide if the QD goes on the top or bottom.
  11. When I call Monday about switching to NP3 I'll ask if they plan on doing the stock internals as well. I hate to be a pain in the butt customer but hey, this isn't an inexpensive service. I'll be sending in other parts periodically so I'll just include the QD sling plate in one of those batches. Worst case scenario when it comes back I'll disassemble the stock and then send in the internals. I have a tiny pen torch that is good at getting in tight placed and breaking Loctite.
  12. I did not specifically request that they take the stock apart and plate the internals. So , I'm assuming that they will not. Honestly, I didn't even think of it. I plan on getting the collapsible down the road when I relocate. I did request that they plate everything else though. Especially the recoil tube/extension.
  13. Yikes! That definitely looks like a PITA. I guess running the rear QD on the opposite side would be a no go with that much butt stock behind it.
  14. Are their any good QD sling mount options available for the M4 pistol grip stock? (non collapsing) I don't want anything that is installed between the receiver and the stock. (like mesa tactical/GG&G options etc)
  15. It looks like NP3 has a hardness range of 48-51 rc which is a little tighter spec range than NP3+ which appears to be 35-50. I guess it's a roll of the dice where your hardness ends up with the NP3+. I wonder if I should call them and have it switched to NP3.
  16. Sweet! Did you have those done in NP3 or NP3+? I sent my M4 and other parts in to them this week. They seem very organized over there. The day it arrived they sent me a quote and had the job logged in their system with in 5 1/2 hours of receiving. Time to wait and squirrel away more cash to pay off the other half. Based on SD's wait time I figure I have about 4/5 months. Thanks again to SD for all of his help. A lot of guys that have his level of knowledge aren't nearly as forthcoming with sharing. He saved me from sending in my CC mag tube for no reason.
  17. Milspec

    Wtb Ava mount

    Anyone else want to let one go? Lol
  18. Brand new in the box. Still sealed in plastic. These are excellent, top of the line mounts. $385.00 shipped PayPal F&F/Gift or US Postal Money order.
  19. Yes, BD. I changed it over to the A&S 3/4 months ago. I don’t remember having an issue with the trigger bushing. My main challenge besides the safety roll pin was the snap ring that retains the bushing. I didn’t have a good quality pair snap ring pliers at the time. I had some difficulty removing that bushing snap ring. Since then I invested the $20+ and upgraded my pliers.
  20. Mine went together pretty well. The roll pin that holds in the detent and spring for the safety was stupid tight. Really out of control stupid tight. I also purchased the lightened safety spring. Although it could be a hair stiffer for my taste, it’s much better than the OEM. The factory safety spring is not that user friendly IMHO.
  21. Where did you come across the mil spec 18.5"?
  22. It would be nice if Scalarworks made an option for the DP Pro.
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