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Please Remember Your Priorities


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Folks, people are spending hundreds and even thousands on guns and ammo as product is flying off the shelves around the country. While this is good temporarily for the folks in the business, it does not help secure the future of the business.

People are willing to pay even inflated prices for certain items right now to get what they want or need in case there is a shortage or ban in the future. While all this money is being thrown around, please, please save a tiny bit to join the NRA, as they will be fighting the good fight will the citizens of this country stock up.

In the next couple years, the NRA will have to fight perhaps its toughest battle since it's existance with lobbying, public relations campaign, commercials, grass roots meetings, and membership drives. While some people have complaints about them for this and that, the bottom line is that the NRA is best equipped, more than any other entity, to fight the good fight to preserve our 2nd ammendment as we enjoy it now without the restrictions.

Not only join, but encourage all you gun owning friends, and even those folks who just shoot occassionally or own a pistol for home protection. The NRA does not choose parties, and should appeal to all gun owners on both sides. I have seen the NRA praise & recognizes both Democrats and Republicans for their efforts to preserve the second ammemdment.

It will be great to see the NRA report record memberships in the months to come. Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for caring about this issue, as your membership helps me also, and other like minded folks.

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As long as there are politicians, there will be politicians who believe free citizens with guns are a threat to their power.


As long as there are violent criminals, there will be well meaning, but misled people, who believe free citizens with guns are a threat to their lives.


In both cases, I believe organizations like the NRA, GOA, and others must exist to combat these, and other threats to the 2nd Amendment and our freedom.


I will not debate whether their existence would no longer be needed if the fight was won, but remember, they began not as a political lobbying group, but to promote civil marksmanship.


I will also not debate that they are a de facto lobbying group for the firearms industry, but even if they are, most other industries have lobbyists, so why not firearms too?



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Screw the NRA! They roll over every chance they get. They rolled over in 86', 94' and they were AGAINST the filing of the Heller Case. Then again, so was George Bush.

I don't care if the Fudd's keep there friggen hunting guns. For me, its all about semi auto and full auto military weapons that you can not only use to hunt and outshoot the avg. off the shelf bolt gun, but you can take that same weapon into combat to defend the Homeland, or your family. When the time comes- and it will come.

The NRA abandoned me and my kind a long time ago. Buncha Fudds!

There are other gun rights groups that are good. One that I like is JPFO (Jews for the protection of Firearms Ownership).

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