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Kinda off topic, looking for advice

SBE Killer

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since the people here seem to be pretty knowledgable about all kinds of hunting i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good gun to hunt coyotes and other things that are far far away. i was looking into a .223 or .243 anything bigger i think would ruin any coyote pelt. any suggestions?

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I like the new 204, but I'm not sure it would be strong enough for coyotes?

Also, if distance is the main concern, consider the 25-06.

Remington will be offering several models in the 204 in the coming year. Several others already have it. It's Ruger's invention, so they obviously have it in many configurations.

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SBE Killer - Where are you in Iowa? . . . terrain and cover... this could help determine a better round. could range from .17 all the way up to say a 270 .. ??


pick your cartridge/gun to you're quarry, cover, general weather, and distance.


I'm not degrading the above posts - they're all good recomendations but, everything is just blind opinion until you put it into a situation... then we have factors to base our judgement and opinion on..


give us your factors? smile.gif


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i usually hunt outside of timber and try to call them out in the open so my shots arent that far. i wouldnt set up more than 80 yards or so away from where i am hoping that they will come from. its also pretty open terrain so in a couple of instances i could need a little more distance on my shots.

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A .22 mag should do the trick .. but its a light squirely load in wind.


I guess when it comes to that range and terrain .. any mentioned cartridge above would be great.


.223 is by far cheaper to shoot tho ..


Optics is your main concern here .. Bushnells 3200 Elite series is IMHO the 'best bang for the buck' eye relief and light transmition are great and compare nicely with Leupolds similar lines .. especially in the pocket book catagory.


for what it's worth.... smile.gif

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I second Birddog opinion on range and terrain.


.223 would be your best choice. It's the cheapest round you can find on the shelfs today , perfect for all kind of varmint up to --hmmm-- 300yds , well maybe 400 on a calm day. Look for a rifle with semi or full Bull barrel, it will provide better accuracy on multiple shots, less prone to overheating.


Second best choice would be 22-250. It's quite faster than .223 , but its short barrel life isn't too promising when it comes to small game.

.204 Ruger and .22 swift are on my "what to buy list" , so i can't say anything about these without hands-on practice.

For shots up to (or over) 400yd mark , 22-250, 243 and 25-06 would sound like a good choice.


Good optics are : Schmidt & Bender, Zeiss , IOR Valdada, NightForce, Leupold, Horusvision. Clear glass and reliable MOA adjustment on all.

This glass is on the expensive side of the bunch , but hey , you can't go wrong with crisp picture on long range/small target mix. 44 or 50mm scope always worked for me best, 40mm won't do the job over 200yds. Surely - spending 750 to a 1000$ on glass isn't exactly pocket friendly , but once you have it , you'll have it for life . No point of saving $$ here .

My varminters are :

CZ527 American chambered in .223 REM

Sako 75 Varmint ( bull ) chambered in 22-250.

Both shoot better than i can , thats for sure. Both avg. 0.25" {or less} groups @ 100yds with reloads and SMK bullets ( my wife does all accuracy testing , i'm better off with scatter gun lmao )


Hope this helps a little . Good Luck mate.



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How to roll a blunt

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thanks for the input, i think i am gonna go with a remington 700 chambered in .223 i found at Gander Mountain today. its cheap to shoot and with the dent that this gun and scope is gonna make in my checkbook, i need the cheapest ammo i can find. thanks a ton to all that helped.

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good choice.


myself and other family members have been hunting coyotes for years with .223


i shoot a remington 700 BDL VS (pre 1996) that my father bought new for my when I was 15. its a great gun.


the price of coyote fur has been on a steady decrease but we used to make enough money to pay for all fuel and reloding supplies used through the winters hunting and even the occasional new rifle.


excessive tearing is not as common in coyote fur as it is fox so they can take a lot more energy (in some cases even remain on their feet and keep running) a .22-250 is a great gun for coyote hunting but a .223 will do everything you require.


its a blast!

good luck

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I would recommend a AR-15. At the range you shoot at it would be great for fast follow up shots. And you still have great accuracy. I shot some 1 1/2" groups at 275 yards with mine last weekend. That was with handloads and match bullets though. I have used cheap ammo at close range and they drop the coyotes very well. I just got a 220 swift I have not taken it hunting yet. Anyone else reload for the swift. So far I have gotten 1" groups at 275 yards with 40gr Vmax at 4200fps.

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22-250 is a great gun for varmits as is the 243 and the 223. these are tried and true calibers for varmits or predetors. the new 17hmr and the new 204 rueger is another great set up i believe for the same. i have a new 17hmr i am going to use for turkey this next season as well as shotgun and use it for coyote and rabbit groundhog and other little critters that need to be shot. you can find some good info on a place www.graybeards.com and some other sites like down south hunting as well. i know bennelli has some new rifles but think it is only two out at this time so i would look at either thompson center arms if you want a single shot or i would say definately look at he savage arms they have some great guns with great prices. the savage can be a set up with a nice little scope already set up and bore sighted and ready to go

good luck

rob k

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