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Benelli or Stoeger


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I'm new so hi all. I'm thinking of getting a M2 or a M2000. My questions are for the people who own both.

1-Are the Benelli's that much better than the Stoeger?

2-Do the Stoegers shoot high like Benellis?

3-Does the stock and cryo barrels really make a difference?

Tell me what you like and dislike about each gun.


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I own several benellii, and one M2000. I teach shotgun shooting to Boy Scouts and after all my research, I use Benellii as my teaching platform since they reduce kick best and I have never had one mess-up in any way yet, even when I feed my SBE II 3-1/2 inch gun light dove loads right out of the box. That being said, most of my svcouts can't afford a Benelli, so I started recommending that they buy the Stoeger as the best thing in their price range, since it uses the original inertia driven action. All those that have bought one like them, but when we go out together always leave their gun in the rack and use one of mine. The fit is not quite as good, and the Comfortech stock is not available, but the gun shoots good. After I bought one a month ago to be able to let the boys have a chance to shoot one, I brought it out to a shoot and it jammed regularly at which point I told one of the older boys who had an M2000 to bring the junk back to the car and he told be I should have followed the instructions (who reads those?) and shot at least 100 Magnum loads through it before using the light dove loads. I haven't done that yet, but he told me that he also added the large benelli recoil reducer? to his and it shoots close to my supersport, we will be trying them side by side after thanksgiving. To add another thorn to your mix if the benelli is too much and the m2000 is not enough, benelli makes the franchi in italy, not turkey and it can be had for about 700. I don't know if this helped or hurt your decision process.

My final advise is spend as much as you can once. Gander Mountain has a no intrest for 12 months going now but don't do it if you aren't going to pay on time every month (I hate credit card intrest), but they are sometimes 50-200 high on a benelli.

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The Stoeger may be cheaper cost now and that looks good. I will promise you one thing. You buy the Stoeger now and it will be a short time later and you will own the SBE II.

Common cents would tell one that if the Stoeger was as good as the Benelli they would not sale very many Benelli's.

My friends son has a Stoeger and it broke the first year out.

Suck it up and get the big dog of all big dogs the first time around.:D

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I bought a Stoeger this past winter for the upcoming turkey season with the thoughts that it had the same opperating system as the Benelli and was 1/3 the cost and then considered that 3" shells are reported to work as well and some think pattern better than 3 1/2". When I took it to pattern I was extremely dissapointed. Nothing I shot through it patterned worth a darn, from target to field to waterfowl to turkey loads. Sold it on consignment and that lesson cost me $100. Have shot two Benelli's belonging to hunting buddies and loved them. Bought a Benelli SBEII 24" last week, but have not yet shot it. I am confident it will pattern well. You will get your money's worth with the Benelli.

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