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Thinking of swapping Benelli SN with THIS...for home defense


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Due to the fact that Benelli parts are so d*mned expensive and somewhat hard to come by, I thought I might put my SuperNova tactical on "safe queen" status and replace it with a Mossberg for HD and heavy range time. Plus, I like the fact that this particular shotgun has a 9-shot capacity (20" barrel), according to Mossberg. Thoughts?


Also, I noticed this Mossberg 590 comes in a "heavy-walled" version. Im assuming this simply means a thicker, heavier duty barrel. Am I right on this? Thanks.


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Unless you are buying a mil spec model, mossbergs are mediocre. I would buy an 870p (18in with the +2 tube) wearing some wood over a mossy. An American workhorsey; my old 870p was, in fact, rad.


However, be forewarned that if you buy an M4, you just might never go back to pump...


Well, interestingly enough, my second choice would be a Remington 870P. But, I have no interest in wood trim...synthetic black only. Either way, I have heard that most Mossbergs, mil spec or not, are quality guns. I guess it all depends on what you can get and how much you are willing to spend. Heck, I could drop $1200 on a Remington 870P Max, but then I would end up with a shotgun I would want to preserve as much as my current one!! What I am needing here is cheap and reliable. Not necessarily "best of breed".

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The Mossy 590A is a rock solid military issue shotgun that is far and above better than their commercial models, plus if all else fails, it will accept an issue M9 bayonet and with a very slight modification, the USMC bayonet. Of course I do have an early H+K M1S90 in defense configuration (7+1) with pistil grip. Bought it new in 1987 and it hasn't burbed ounce in all that time. I did manage to get a wooden butt stock with 13" LOP for my Mossy 590A a few years back. That 13" LOP made all the difference. The wooden butt stock with 13" LOP is a LE option only and Mossberg will deny even having them, but they do. Sort of wish I could get a 13"LOP for my M1S90 :-)

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Cool deal...Does your Mossy seem to be a strong shotgun? I have heard that these guns are made very well, not to mention user friendly.
The shot gun is awesome!!! all I did to was put a youth stock on it. Ive dropped off 2 story building and it still works like its brand new
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