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We got 2 woodies, 2 ringnecks, and a married greenhead :cool:


Not great, but not bad.


May try again tomorrow.


I LOVED the Primos.

I had the set - Decoy and Pass, but I never used the Pass tube.

I guess I'll sell it and get another D tube.



I thought I had exclusive smartazz rights on this site :p

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Reading back through this post, I realized that I didn't clearly explain how the tube was lost.


It's an extended tube and it's normally installed by hand.

I generally check the tube several times during a hunt.

I had in fact checked it just about a half hour prior to the volley that scored a banded greenhead for my hunting buddy.


When the volley was done, I reached back to the end of the barrel to check the tube again. It was gone.


There was no evidence of thread damage to the barrel threads, so it must have come out on that set.

I couldn't shoot anymore, since I didn't want to risk damaging the threads and I didn't bring a spare.


Happy New Year to you too!

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I purchased a Pattern master choke originally for Buck shot and it was horrible, I just started duck hunting again so I dug it out and read the package "for steel shot" so off to the range with 3 1/2 Black cloud # 2's - 40 yards 30" target modified Benneli choke = 142 pellets Pattern master 44 pellets!!! I think I'm going to "accidentally" drop it in the Great Bay! By the way I'm exit 3 in the great state of SOUTH Jersey

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