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where do you all hunt geese


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I live in Virginia,the Northern Neck,Northumberland County,and have few places to hunt,really only two good spots.One is a field and the other is on salt water sandbar setting.I have great sucess hunting the sandbar in the mornings,but the field hunts are so unpredictable the geese in this area have no pattern.They will land in a different field everyday,or come in at night.do you all hunt water in mornings or fields.I like to here from you all.

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Southern Quebec. Best place to hunt in my opinion:p. We're the first to shoot the birds so they see nothing comming. Sometimes, we can shoot the same flock 2 or 3 times before they understand what's going on. We empty our mags on them, then we hide & reload. They seem to think that if they don't see us, we're not here anymore. Haaa early season birds... I just can't wait for next season!!!

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I hunt geese down in MD off of the Potomic River. Lots of birds in the area and always a good time. I got selected for a lottery hunt down at Wye Island (in Queenstown, MD) and it was by the the best goose hunt i've ever been on. Birds were flying everywhere and we limited out by 9AM (3 of us w/ 2 birds each) and we also took a drake and hen mallard there.

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