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whats your favorite duck load


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I'm really liking Federal Black Cloud #3's - the Duckman box - with any IC choke (non-ported). I may even order a skeet choke for next season.


I have not had ONE torn up bird so far, but I don't get too many very close up shots.


I can get the Federal BC's for under $200 a case delivered from Able Ammo.

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Just got through throwing some patterns out of a Nova, one using Remington Nitro 3" 1/38 BB was flat spooky at 40 yards out of the standard mod choke.

Used that load in Canada and Texas on ducks and geese, hammer.

Little heavy for puds in tight, guess you could drop down to #2 or #3 for that, open up to IC. You should pattern what you might be shooting. Not hard work, can be surprising.

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Sarcasm is not permitted on this forum unless your name is Tucker.


Tucker, Tucker who?


hey Monte, I didn't know you where the police around here now. Here is a new police car for you. You will need to put your own lights on it but you can see it has a wheelchair ramp so you can get in easy. ;)



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Federal FTW!!!

I use Federal SpeedShok, UltraShok & BlackCloud. They make very good paterns out of my SN IC/MOD chokes. I also shoot Remington Nitro Steel when I can get good deals on 'em (13$ a box) but I don't like them as much as the Federals. I've got a few jammings with Nitro Steels due to deformed shells.

Oh and for shot size, I use #2/#4 on ducks and BB/BBB/T on geese.

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