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For Sale--Benelli M-4 Original Collapsible Stock


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What model? M1014? 11701? Does it have an American flag? Does the stock collapse? No full length tube?


(I ask because the "original" m4's had the "skeletonized stock", which is the same thing as the "collapsible stock", but the recoil tube was not milled to allow it to collapse. So basically ... you either have an original m4, or you have a collapsible stock, but not both.)


Pictures would greatly increase your odds of a sale, but for that price even pictures may not help you.

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You still did not address/answer my questions, so I will restate them ... what MODEL of m4 do you have? There have been what ... 6 I think models of "m4's" since they were released, and anyone that is seriously interesting in wanting to purchase your shotgun will want to know what model you have. It says it on the end of the box, be it m1014, 11701, 11703, 11707. 11717, etc. You can also find out the year of your guns production by looking at the code stamped onto the barrel, and matching it to the chart. Many prospective buyers will want to know this as well.


You also didn't answer whether or not it had the American flag on the receiver (true "originals" did), nor did you answer whether or not the stock actually collapses, or whether it is just skeletonized.


Again, not trying to piss on your ad, but you have not provided adequate information to make the sale at the pricepoint that you desire, unless you find someone pretty clueless and desperate.


It would be like me trying to sell a Chevy for $40k, with an ad that said "8 cylinders, air conditioning, 4 tires". It may or may not be worth the price, but I haven't provided enough information to be able to make that judgment.

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I apologize if you take my tone as being rude, but you STILL have not answered any of the questions that I asked. There is no reason, no reason at all, to not list the MODEL NUMBER of the gun that you are trying to sell, as that will both attract potential people looking for that model and weed out people who don't want that model, saving them and you the time of having to talk about it.


Also, there are no "cobbed" up m4's ... it is a modular design, and stocks/parts are meant to be easily changeable by the end user.


Furthermore, since Adam2340 has already done the math in a post above mine, I think it's clear that you need to JUSTIFY your asking price by providing BASIC INFORMATION about the model and features of your gun.


The three main questions people will want to know, which I have asked 3 times and you still have not responded to, are:


1) - Does it have an American flag on the receiver?

2) - Does the stock actually collapse, or is it just a non-collapsible skeletonized?

3) - Does it have a full length (7 round) or limited (5 round) tube?


Telling us the model number (11707, 11701 etc) would give us this information. You say you have the box, now look at the box and put the damn model number in your description! :)


You can take it as a personal attack on your ad if you choose, but really my intent is to help you help yourself ... until you can answer these basic questions, I see no way that you are going to sell a used, old model m4 with apparently no full length tube for ~$500 over the cost of new, updated components.


Worth is obviously in the eye of the buyer, so your gun may well be worth your asking price to someone, but you are simply not providing enough information to make your product and asking price appealing to anyone.


That said, I won't further post in this thread, as I've more than made my point and any further action is up to you.

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Listen to Duggan. He's only providing you with good sales tips. Remember, you want to ATTRACT buyers. so providing as much info about the item is essential to the sale (especially since your listing it towards potentials who know a lot about the gun). While some might consider your price high, if you listed the components of the weapon (mag tube type, collapsible/non-collapsible stock, model number, extras, etc) it may be worth it to someone. Uploaded pics would also be helpful too since they tell 1000 words. Once again, we're only trying to help you here.

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I guess I am weak!! I came back to see what disparaging things are still said about my posting!!.


Lets reflect--I said it was an origional collapsing stock M4--not almost like, not looks like a collapsable stock, not aftermarket,not cobbled, bla, bla, bla, but is in fact a collapsable stock M4--it escapes me why that is hard to understand.


Moreover I repeaditly asked for folks to look at the bloodly photos--yes the one on the end of the box that is the only place the model number is listed--it aint on the gun and it is not any of the numbers Mr. Dugan mentioned--go figure.!!


Is it easier to put people down than allow them the courtesy to ask for the photos--if one could can afford to buy and/or was even interested.


Apparently there are many such guns out there from years back; however, they do not show up for sale on Gunbroker, etc, etc. Did see one last week that went for 29 something or other. It would appear they may be difficult to obtain unless in law enforcement at the current time.


either way, the wording apparently clear to those of us that were not so knowledgable.


Been on your site a lot in the past and thought, until now, that it was user friendly and one to be proud of


Either way it was purchased by someone that had not been able to find one before.



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How not to sell a shotgun, a practicum in seven easy steps


Step 1: Post an item at an apparently ridiculous price. Do not elaborate. Do not post pictures.

Step 2: Refuse to answer questions. Be condescending.

Step 3: Treat any request for information as a personal attack.

Step 4: Throw a hissy fit when the questions are repeated.

Step 5: Delete the ad. Proclaim this site is full of jerks.

Step 6: Claim to have sold the shotgun to somebody.

Step 7: Repeat delusions of persecution.


Glad you sold it to somebody. There are suckers born everyday. They just don't happen to frequent these forums.


Your comment about the difficulty of understanding... Maybe you should reread the very first reply. People really were not trying to be rude.

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