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Did our political debate thread vanish?


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you've got nice hands TUCKER!!:D now why dont you show us a pic of OBUMMER reading his teleprompter for EVERY SPEECH!!! now thats a REAL LOSER!!!!


Skeet, you got it easy... if you still lived here in the PRK, you'd have all kinds a things to complain about... c'mon back... Ill stand by you when you fire the first shot....

BOXER, PELOSI, AHNOLD, and all the rest of the libtards here......... you got any land you want to sell me?;)

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on a gun forum? we are out in the woods... in which we are hunting animals that cant speak english much less write.. When is spelling "impotent" when out in the woods. Im not talking about reading.. im talking about spelling. Can you answer me that? Whether I spell cat C-A-T or K-A-T.. how does that stop me from shooting a deer when its in my crosshairs? Can you answer that? Spelling is "impotent" , but not on a hunting forum. F*** it.


and what are you tucker, like 50? why are you arguing with a freakin kid over the internet? cant you do that at your local nursing home?

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If you two kids would really like to talk about politics, I'll give some homework. Not that either of you are showing any evidence of having any prior experience with the activity, but what the heck.


Lesson 1 - Describe the business relationships between James Bath, Salem bin Laden, and George W. Bush.


Lesson 2 - Earlier this week, which revered GOP pundit defended the Bush Administration's Mirandizing of terrorist suspect Richard Reid (the shoe bomber) by declaring that Reid was a US citizen. Was his statement true?


Lesson 3 - Over the past 75 years, has the deficit grown more under Democratic or Republican Administrations?


a) Which President incurred the largest percentage increase in deficit?

b) Who left the office with a budget surplus?


Lesson 4 - Where does the US rank amongst industrialized nations in the following factors, considered to be indicators of the quality of healthcare its citizens receives?


a) Infant Mortality

b) Preventable Deaths

c) Healthy Life Expectancy

d) Health Expenditures as % of GDP


Lesson 5 - Who was the Iraqi informant, nicknamed "Curve-Ball" and labeled as "not a psychologically stable guy" and "suffering from mental and emotional problems" in an interrogator's report, whose testimony laid the foundation for the US's claim that Iraq was developing biological WMD's.

a) How many Americans have died in Iraq since the Bush Administration declared, "Mission Accomplished".

b) Name 10 from your own state.


Lesson 6 - What percentage of small businesses would pay higher taxes under the proposed Obama tax revisions?


Lesson 7 - How many terrorist attacks occurred on US soil under the Bush-Cheney Administration?


Oral Portion of Exam - Pronounce the word "nuclear"

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Bonus Questions:


1. Who was Prescott Bush and what was his connection to the Nazi war machine?


2. Who was the US Treasury Secretary who warned that "the economy would crater" if failing US investment banks Goldman-Sachs, Citigroup, etc. were not propped up with taxpayer money?


a) Which former Goldman-Sachs executive served as Secretary of the Treasury under George W. Bush.


b) What positions did he hold at Goldman-Sachs?


c) How many trips to China did he make during his tenure there?



3. How did the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 affect the SEC's ability to oversee the activities of investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies.


a) Who is Gramm, and what role did he play in the McCain Campaign of 2008?


b) Who is his wife, and what was her connection to Enron?

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hey TUCKER, you do realize you've just proven yourself to be one of the BIGGEST hypocrites on this site!!;) you whined and eluded to my political thread had no bearing and did not belong in this forum and requested for it to be removed yet you take part extensively in another political thread???:rolleyes: sounds just like the CLOWN you voted for. the "do as i say and not as i do" guy!!

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Dear child, your thread was removed, not so much for its lack of topical content, as it was for your own public displays of intolerance and ignorance.


You will find the mods here to be very - and I do appreciate the irony of this greatly - "liberal" with their policing of the site.


The mere fact that you are still currently even able to view content, much less reply to it, is a testament to their infinite patience with a member who to date has been nothing more than an illiterate, juvenile troll.


Damned liberals, indeed! :rolleyes:

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