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And you thought shotguns kicked......

Russ F.

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Story is the gun is Thompson/Center Encore chambered in .600 Nitro. Made by a custom gunmaker as a one-off show piece. The guy in the video kept bugging him to shoot it, so he let him. The .600 Nitro has over 9 times the recoil of a .30-'06.


This was a big boy shooting this. Looks like he got a smack in the head to boot - which is pretty much what he deserves for trying to shoot that thing. May have been funnier if he actually did it one handed like he started off!


Recoil video shot!!!


[ 03-14-2006, 06:25 PM: Message edited by: Russ F. ]

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I would not take that challenge, so if that makes me stupid, then so be it. personally, I would think you'd have to be stupid to pull the trigger on it, balls or not. Like John 1911 said....if your gonna be dumb(stupid), you better be tough.

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Reminds me of the crap we used to inflict on each other in the old neighborhood. How nobody got killed or maimed eludes me to this day. LOL The complete lack of remorse from the perpetrators, and lack of sympathy for the poor fool victim is ... classic. :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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That's the problem. The story of a friend of a friends, uncles, daughter, etc. This video has been floating around for over a year. One of several "Stories" I've heard is it was a TC and someone used the wrong powder in a reload and that is why this happened. Another story is the gun had a lodged bullet and the guy picked it up thinking it was cleared, when he pulled the trigger.


My point is because someone is injured on a shooting line, doesn't make him stupid. (Unless your one of those towel heads) If getting hurt (no matter how small) when shooting or hunting makes you stupid, then I think everyone I know needs to put the guns away for good. But of course I've forgotten I'm chatting with gun owners. The most notorious fast draw opinionated group in the world. I say we just head out in the street and settle it the old fashioned way.


600 Nitro



Originally posted by tucker301:

The story I got was that the moron kept whining about wanting to shoot it until the owner finally yielded and let him try it.



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