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Benelli Action Shots -- Picture Thread

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yeah, i was on a marksmanship team (rifle) for 4 years and it drives me crazy when i see wrong stances.. im use to having my left hand closer to the trigger and up against my body and you can probably tell that in my pictures.. took me a while to get use to holding the pump/foregrip on shotguns.. and i can assure you that my arms are not spread out as much as they look.. i keep everything tucked in as much as i can

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Dangerous mama!


Wait until you get the collapsible stock in the middle position, she'll be in love! You might loose your stick though.


The middle and even the fully collapsed position allow you to short stick the weapon very well. The tail piece hooks over your strong hand forearm.

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Lets try this.

7 rounds of high brass #6 shot in about 1.5 seconds. No real world value in this. I was trying to see if I could still beat the disconnector with high dram loads. All rounds were on target, a one gallon milk jug at 20 feet.


On the final round, I beat the disconnector. Hammer down on the live round in the chamber. Manual cycle was required to clear.

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