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what's a good price for a used M4.

Heather Gaston

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And for what it's worth I've done a deal with Unobtanium and he's a straight shooter. Deal with him in complete confidence.


His high capacity 922r compliant M4 is still available, which is a heck of a deal considering the price he's offering includes shipping to your FFL.


Thanks, and having done business with Sukhoi_fan, the same can be said by me. Guy puts something up for sale/offers to buy, he's as good as his word on it.

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thanks for understanding that. He likes to make things his own.


It's all good, although if he wants what is considered the best, he will likely end up with exactly what I have. However, he will have installed it, so it may well mean more to him. I know I prefer things that way and will burn the money to do it.

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I told him I would get him the gun anything else he want's is up to him. I'll have him talk to you about add ons once I get it for him. You seem to know a good bit about the M4. There's a gun show here this weekend so maybe I can find one for him there.


The cheapest I have seen a new M4S90 is from buds guns. I bought from them once and it was a solid transaction. A bit under $1500 and no tax if you're not in that state. I doubt you beat that on a new M4S90.


This was my fourth M4S90. I have learned as I have gone, with the platform.

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What should I be sure to check for on a used M4?


The M4S90 is a foolproof system for the most part. Nothing on them "breaks". Nothing is prone to any exaggerated wear. If you get an 11707 model made in the last few years, there really is nothing to "check".


Now, if you want to get nit-picky,


-check the threads in the barrel to make sure noone buggered them firing it without a choke.


-check the O-rings on each piston relief valve to make sure they were not "cut" by careless installation when removing the pistons.


-Check the carrier face where the pistons impact it to make sure it is not peened, nor the pistons mushroomed. Bad heat-treats can happen with any metal. This is not a known problem with current 11707's.


-Check that the firing-pin retaining pin O-ring is present and not cut up.


-Look down the bore. It will likely have some fouling in it if slugs have been fired. This is a non-issue, but make sure there is no rust. Fouling can be rapidly and easily removed with a Tornado 12ga brush dipped in CLP(I don't like to run a dry brush down ANY bore).


-Insure that there is no rust on the weapon


-Lay the weapon upside down where it is balanced on a FLAT SURFACE (granite counertop, glass table, etc.). It will be supported on the front-sight wings, and on the rear sight wings. If it rocks back and forth in any way, it should be less than the thickness of a piece of regular typing paper. This is to say, you should not be able to slide a piece of typing paper under ANY of the protective "wings" on the sights. Some (maybe .001-.004") of movement is normal, but much more than a piece of typing paper points to a front sight that is not straight. Benelli has replaced one barrel assy. for me due to this on my last M4S90 (before this one) due to such. No questions asked. 2 or 3 week turn-around time. So yes, it can happen. Even on a $1600 shotgun.


-Just buy a new one. $300 or so isn't important to you based on your responses in this thread, so I would STRONGLY recommend a new M4S90 from a place like Bud's guns. That way your boyfriend will be the first to fire it, any issues can be dealt with by Benelli IF they arise, and there will be no second-guessing. Looking at the big picture, you were (it is SPF right now) against my M4S90 even though all it has is a hammer identical to the OEM, but made in the USA (I have the original if he didn't want it to be legal to own), and a magazine tube, arguably the best on the market, already installed (again, unless he only wants the 5-round OEM spacer setup because he would prefer 2 piece magazine tube to a 1-piece and doesn't want 7 rounds, but would rather a 5 round capacity, could this be a negative). All this coming to light, buy the man a new shotgun. If you don't want basic improvements at severely cut pricing, I would wager that you also don't want a previously shot weapon at a discount, either.


Your posts strongly indicate that new is the only way for you, and Bud's guns offers some GREAT! prices and dealt straight with me last item I bought. I recommend that to you.

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Heather there is no doubt a certain amount of satisfaction in receiving a new gun and being the first to shoot it. It sounds as though this is what you think your friend will prefer, and if I were in his place I would too.


Consider this: he may decide to leave the gun box-stock, meaning that he may like it so much as he receives it that he might just want to leave it alone rather than add all manner of aftermarket parts.

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Thanks for think that me wanting to get my boyfriend a gun is a con. I'm trying to get more info on the gun from those who own one then the info found on the internet. Sorry if you think I'm wasting your time. Thank you to everyone who was a help to me.


Lets be fair now, a month ago this was your story:

I'm looking to get a Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. For my boyfriend and I'm trying to find a good price and also maybe a few other things that he might like to go along with it. So if you could be some help I would gladly welcome it.


Now you want one that is used, but without "a few other things to go along with it".


It just seems like you keep asking the same stuff over and over and not doing anything with the info given you.

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Right that was for things that he might want on it. I would love to get him a new one but I'm not able to do that right now so if I can get him a used one (in good shape I will) otherwise I'll wait and get him a new one. The reason I ask the same questions is beacuse most of the time no one answers the question I asked. But a few people. If you feel I wasted your time sorry. I guess I was wrong about finding answers to my questions here guess it's back to google. But thank you Unobtanium for finally answering my question on what to look for in a used gun best info I got on here. If I don't find a deal on a M4 I will check back to see if you still have yours.

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