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3/4" or 1/2" Charging Handle

M4-Desert Camo

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A word of warning. If you buy one with a diameter larger than 1/2", it's almost guaranteed to whack your thumb when the bolt slams home while combat reloading. The smaller ones usually provide enough clearance for this not to be a problem.


FWIW, I'm using the FFT 1/2" steel model.

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I'm also a happy FFT 1/2" steel owner.


But curious of others experience though... With minimal use (maybe taken in and out a dozen times for cleaning / inspection) the end that goes into the bolt group hole and engages inside has already shown signs of wear. Its as if the material is scraping off a bit as if the steel is "soft". Is this normal? My only concern is with continued wear the handle might "pop out" accidentally.

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The issue you've described is exactly why carriercomp revised their Titanium bolt handle to have a steel shank. Here is a photograph I took of a solid titanium Design Concept's bolt handle vs. a generation II carriercomp bolt handle. Note the wear of the tang where the detent engages inside the bolt carrier.



The Design Concept's bolt handle still functions just fine. However, it is a wear item that will continue to deteriorate over time. There was always a concern using the solid titanium bolt handle as a disassembly tool for the ARGO system.


The factory bolt handle: 12.5 grams

Design Concepts: 8.23 grams

carriercomp: 9.6 grams

GG&G: 24.5 grams


Weights were taken from a Dillon Precision electronic scale.


With the GG&G unit installed, I could hear and feel the action cycling more sluggishly with weaker loads. I would not recommend exceeding the factory bolt handle weight.

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3/4" FFT titanium on my M4. Love it. I bought two FFT ti knobs so I can replace them as they wear, and a 1/2" FFT titanium as a third backup, but am sticking with the 3/4" as it is much nicer on my hand.


On a similar note, the GG&G Tactical Bolt Release Pad is a MUCH better mod to do, if you had to chose just one over the other...





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I take it you're right handed? How do you engage the activation switch on the X300 in that position?


I am right-handed, and toggle it with my left index finger. Works like a charm. Given that the rocker switch works in three different ways, it's easily activated when pressed or "rocked" (pulled like a trigger toward the forend, as in my below pic) ;)

It's not as clean as a pressure switch, but keeps the gun ultra clean and makes the light easily transferrable between my weapons.



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forzArmata - nice setup! Not to deviate from the charging handle but do you have some type of rubber / synthetic rail covers on your M80? A ladder type maybe?


StrangerDanger - thank you for the detailed pics showing the wear on handle. That is exactly what I meant to convey! As I mentioned I'm very happy with the FFT but I'll keep an eye on the wear. Of course if anyone might be willing to sell me a gen 2 Carrier Comp Ti hybrid I'm all ears :D

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Yes, they are the factory supplied Z70 rail covers. I like how they dip in the middle - they mate well with the centre cutouts on the side rails (bottom rail on M80 forend is the solid style ladder).


They fit the best on the hand as they keep a low profile, on an already semi-fat forend. I tried KAC stippled rail covers, but they made it WAY too fat, and I have fairly large hands.

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