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New shotgun or new barrell?


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Hi all, I bought my first shotgun last year, an M2 tactical, for home defense. I want to now go skeet shooting but I believe my gun is not ideal, especially because my barrel is too short.


Question 1: Do you recommend I buy another shotgun - a Benelli, of course. Or, should I buy another barrel?


Question 2: If I do get another barrel, which one do you recommend?


Question 3: How hard is it to replace barrels on a Benelli?




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While it's always nice to have guns for specific tasks, your M2T will break clay birds as well as any other shotguns. Barrel length is a factor for some people only in terms of "pointability" of the gun. A few inches difference in length isn't going to make a real difference in terms of pattern size, shot velocity or any other skeet related factor. I've shot hundreds of skeet clays with my 14 inch M1 entry gun. My primary 12 ga. clays (and just about everything else) gun is a M1 with a 21 inch barrel. The right combination of ammunition and choke selection will have more of an effect on your scores.

If you've got the cash, go buy another M2. Or a used M1 field. IF you can find a field barrel for your M2, you'll probably pay half of what you'd pay for a good used M1 or M2. If you really want to go all out, get a Super Sport. It could be that you'll really catch the bug and pretty soon you'll have a safe full of specific-duty guns.:D

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I'm facing the same choice. Totally enjoying shooting my relatively new SuperNova tactical. And I can hit clay with it ok, but I know for doing more serious trap I need another option. A new barrel is maybe $300. A that cost, it really just makes more sense to have a wholly separate gun. At least that's where I'm probably headed.

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