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Any hunting pics welcomed?


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Ya know, I've had my SBE for 10 years now and I don't think I have a single picture with me and/or game in the picture (I do have pics of my gun collection for later reference if needed, but I won't post those here).


Nice pics BTW, but who's that ugly fellar in it? *just teasin'*

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Not the biggest buck in the woods, but not bad either. This is the first kill logged with my SBE in the slug configuration. It was taken from Hocking County, Ohio, at 30 yards with a Winchester Partition Gold slug. One shot, one kill.


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I think it is 15 3/4" spread, but I can't remember exactly. Nothing for the books, however, it was my first buck. Not to mention my first kill with the SBE.


Fishmax2 and all,

I just smoked a coyote with my SBE yesterday while turkey hunting. I will post the photo soon with the story. It was totally insane what happened!



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I was turkey hunting with two Delta rubber decoys 15 yards in front of me when, completely out of nowhere, this coyote came running full speed and attacked my hen decoy! It ran up faster than I've ever seen a dog run before, jumped through the air, made a snarling sound, and nailed the hen. It ripped out of the ground and knocked it about ten feet. Right about then I touched off a Winchester HV 3 1/2" mag #5 to its face and neck. End of show.


This was not expected at all and seemed somewhat unusual, to say the least. It is now at the taxidermist for a full body mount. I had to do it just for future conversation sake. I've also never killed one before, never seen one this big, and don't personally know anyone who has killed one at less than 200 yards, however, I'm sure it has happened. Note that although the picture doesn't really show it, it is longer than my tailgate and longer than my Benelli! Has anybody ever heard of this happening while turkey hunting?


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Not while turkey hunting...but I had one attack my doe decoy while bowhunting one time.....it was the craziest thing I have ever seen while hunting.....and yes...I've also heard of it happening to turkey decoys....in fact, a company that produces turkey decoys shows a coyote attacking one of their "life like" decoys in a commercial I see every once in awhile on the Outdoor Channel.

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Yeah, I have to retract that statement about not personally knowing anyone who has killed one at less than 200 yards. Some of the airport rescue and firefighting guys get to drive around at night and shoot coyotes off the runways at Louisville International Airport. It's not that they will damage the landing gear of a UPS cargo jet so much, it's what happens when they get scuked into the engine on takeoff. They get hit all the time!

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Here are a couple 2004 turkey photos...


The first, a photo of myself and a young hunter...taken in KS on opening day (April 14th, 2004)

We sat up and called these two nice gobblers in to range after a 30-40 minute wait with a few light clucks thrown in to entice these fellas into range. The young man I guided had not shot an adult bird, he was dead on at 20 steps with his dad's BPS. I took the remaining bird after Cory whacked his gobbler.

Cory's bird went 22 lbs, 10" beard with 7/8" spurs...

My bird went 20 lbs, 8" beard with 7/8" spurs.

Both birds were "graveyard dead" about 7am. We took the photo back at the truck at 7:30am. A GREAT opening morning!!

By the way, my bird was a hybrid Merrium/Eastern...note the white/light colored tail feather tips. My son and I have shot 5 hybrids off this particular farm...all the others were jakes.


The second photo is of myself with my Missouri opening day turkey...shot him at 11:50am...I LOVE late morning gobblers...they will do things the birds off the roost won't!

I sat down in an area I'd seen gobblers...he came in behind me and bred a hen 7 feet behind my tree (startled the heck out of me!) He then followed the two hens I'd called in and as he passed a nice big/fat Locust tree the SBE was up and ready. He was dropped at 20 steps or less. He strut, drummed, spit & gobbled! He went 21 lbs, 11" beard and 7/8" spurs.


The third photo is of a nice bird taken on April 26th at 6:30am. Karli and I watched this bird strut and spit after a truely wonderful performance by numerous Barred Owls and at least 6 gobblers roosted on the ridge around us...oh, and a pair of deer came by as well! This bird went 22 lbs, 11" beard & had 3/4" spurs.


I shoot a left handed SBE and have a Hasting's Turkey tube and use Remington 3.5" #6's.


It's been a good season so far! I'm off to KS for another hunt this weekend!!!







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