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foreend options


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This is in regards to the M4 forened by the way:


Does anyone make a factory identical benelli style foreend that's 1 piece? I like the feel, I don't care about 922r (I have sufficient parts to cover it), but I never realized how frustrating they are to keep together and put on!


Even fft makes 2 piece...


Bikinis are better in 2 piece, foreend are not!

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I believe the ATI one is a single piece. See ATI? I don't always just kick you in the ribs. :)




I could only find two-piece fore ends on the website.

Surefire had one, but I couldn't find it on their page yesterday (which is interesting because the Benelli M4 Law Enforcement Model @ SHOT 2014 had the surefire fore end on it).

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. . . . Will it simply not be removable over the pistons otherwise?


Probably. The only 1 piece forend that I've ever dealt with for the M4 was the Surefire rail version. As I recall, it was made out of material that flexed so it could be pressed over the pistons when installing or removing it. At least that's what I remember. I sold it. Too wide and just didn't feel good and the gun's heavy enough without hanging a bunch of other stuff all over it. I don't find the two-piece forend to be all that bothersome. If it's really that much of an issue, go with the M1/M2 platform instead, or, better yet, in addition to.

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This may not work at all but what about just using a flexible plastic epoxy to bond your two halves together at the bottom? They are used for automotive flexible plastic bumper repairs. It would allow you to flex the fore end pieces outwards for removal while staying connected along that bottom (long) edge and remain in one piece. Think of it like a hinge joint.

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I agree, when I bought my M4 the clerk at the gun shop said let me put this together so you can inspect it. When he got to installing the hand guards it took so long it was embarrassing. He never did get it. I told him I didn't need it together to inspect it.

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