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Benelli M4 -- Shop Services


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For 2016, I'm happy to announce that I have my FFL Type 1 in place so that I can accept serialized firearms for work. What this means is now clients can send me the serialized portion of their weapons for gun smithing services. The firearms can then be UPS shipped directly back to you. Barring some problem with the parts, my turn around time is usually the following day.


As some of you may know, I've assisted dozens of forum members with their M4's. From doing 922® upgrades to their trigger packs to replacing their bastardized receiver extensions with three position units. I would prefer to help you do the work yourself so you learn the necessary skills to do the work yourselves; but realize sometimes that isn't an option for whatever reason.


Here is a list of some of the options I've done for other clients;

- Full length Magazine Tube installations

- Replacing the Receiver Extensions on M1014 and older 11703's

- Receiver extension flushing and lubrication

- Night Sight installations

- Top Rail Installations

- Trigger pack disassembly and fitting of aftermarket components

- Cleaning of the weapon in an ultrasonic tank

- ARGO system disassembly and cleaning in the ultrasonic tank

- Aftermarket bolt release installations

- Replacing Field Stock and Pistol Grip Stock sling plate

- Installation of QD sockets on collapsible stocks

- Weapon light assembly/installation and Cerakote painting

- Safety tension adjustments

- Assessment and rebuilding of high mileage M4's with new springs

- Test firing/troubleshooting/resolution

- Middleman position for advanced Cerakote and surface treatment finishes such as Robar's NP3+


My shop is quite nice. You can say I'm a tool *****. Brownells loves me as does Starrett and Seekonk. The small amount I make on each job is put towards purchasing more tooling and equipment to be able to take on new projects. It also pays for the consumable shop items such as the various types of locktite, ultrasonic tank solvent, MAPP torch fuel and so on. I have over 40 feet of padded work bench area surrounded by a cornucopia of tooling in a clean, well lit shop.


Non-forum members can email me at:

[email protected]


Everyone else, feel free to PM me or post on this thread to discuss what you would like to do.



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This guy is definitely M4 GURU Status. He has helped me out numerous times online here with basic questions I had on the M4, if you read his posts around here you will definitely learn a thing or two you did not know. And like AVA said he knows how to set them up. Thanks

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It's very minor along the bottom. I'd say under 1/8 of an inch. Well worth the realistic 40% reduction in felt recoil. Stiffer the round, the more it excels.





Modified mounting bracket.


I just used the OEM replacement style pad. No special bracket needed, fit amazing. Although, this was on the PG stock, not the C stock.

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Thanks Unobtanium. Glad to help out if needed. I think you won't have any issues on a mag tube. I've done a couple of the newer ones including the receiver extensions on new production M4's for refinishing jobs. I've never had to go nuclear and break out the MAPP torch for a magazine tube.


NP3+ on the receiver extension and plunger is nice (the weapon is more forgiving on low dram anemic loads afterwards due to lower friction coefficients than the bare stainless tube offers.) I haven't had any issues getting them apart, or more importantly, reassembling them properly.


For the Limbsaver pad, the collapsible stock adds some complexity if the end user cares about having the weapon fully collapse. The bracket in stock form is a poor fit too. It needs some love from a file to make it fit and center up over the mounting holes properly. Try to force it, and you'll break a screw off in the stock.


Anyone who who shoots the M4 with heavy loads should get themselves a Limbsaver installed. I'm not recoil sensitive. I found follow up shots are faster and there is less barrel disturbance from the recoil profile. you can also shoot a lot more before your shoulder is sore.

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Hi everyone. I've been a long time reader/lurker but recently registered to get in contact with strangerdanger so he could do some trigger work on my m4. The transaction was super easy and very quick. Less than a week to and from his shop from across the country. High quality. Highly recommend. Thanks strangerdanger.

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The way a Japanese sword polisher refines a blade, StrangerDanger takes a great gun and enhances it's greatness.

Every aspect of my M1014 was was gone over in meticulous detail.

Not to mention his excellent communication, fast turnaround, and knowledge of the platform.

I really can't say enough about the level of service received.

Top-notch guy.



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