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I gave my M4 a makeover.


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I've had my M4 for a long time, probably since 2010ish.  I did all the 922r parts way back when, put a c stock on, and left it alone.  I always said I'd do the form 1, and turn it into a SBS, but life and other projects kept taking priority.

Right before the end of the year, I finally got around to filing the form 1, got it engraved, and when the stamp came back I picked up the entry barrel.

I'm glad I did.  It's like a different gun.  Much handier with the short barrel.

It's still a work in progress, but it's coming along nicely.  I go back and forth, between the c stock, and the field stock I shortened. I still need to add an IWC QD swivel mount to the field stock, Probably ditch the Surefire rail, do the A&S trigger guard and LFT lifter.  I'll put a mod light on there eventually, and have the barrel threaded for chokes. 




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1 hour ago, jimbo45 said:

Sexy with the shorter barrel. I had my 14" threaded by briley. Check out the hayl rail if you opt for something other than the surefire forend.

Did briley thread it for Benelli factory chokes?  I talked to Rose action sports, and they can only thread Benelli barrels for Rem or Mossberg chokes.

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I like it. SBS M4's are the best M4's. Agreed on ditching the Surefire M80 rail. I'd go back to the OEM handguard and have them stippled by Tango Arms. If you need the US part, get the FFT reproduction set. They can be stippled as well. I'd throw a carriercomp 5 round titanium tube on it to cut some front weight. Add the A&S trigger frame and maybe add the Scalarworks Sync rail with a RMR, then maybe ditch the iron sights completely to declutter the sight picture. Then drop a Surefire M600IB or M600DF light on the IWC mount.

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