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Best Aimpoint T2 Mount


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Check out Scalarworks. I have their integral mount for a Trijicon RMR on my M4 and like it. I also have their rail mount for a RMR on a Sig MPX and like it as well . Very well made and lightweight. Their integral mount doesn't seem to be available for the T-2, but the rail mount is.

T-2 rail mount




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I didn't realize that Scalarworks had discontinued the LEAP T-2 mount. It's still shown on their website. I agree it is tall. I didn't see their SYNC integral mount (much lower and nicer) available for the T-2. Thanks for the clarification Stranger. 

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2 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

My apologies; the Leap 01 is still available. Just the Sync Aimpoint specific Mount has been discontinued. It’s possible it could return if they had enough demand. 

I contacted them a week or two ago and they hope to bring back the micro version by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed.  As much as I like the trijicon option (and savings) I like everything sealed due to the amount of rain I experience...

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Thanks for the replies all. Looks like the MI one (unless Scalarworks brings back the Sync) is the only option for a cowitnessed T2 mount.

Of course, with the angled collapsible stock and changing sight picture depending on where it’s positioned, perhaps cowitnessing is not that important. 

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