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Well, I have an M4 H20 on the way. Can t wait.....now what to do with the black one.....I mean blue one LOOOOOL


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1 hour ago, Nocturnalnature said:

The real deal or the Cerakote version?

From what I've seen, the Cerakote doesn't hold up particularly well on edges and wear areas.

I'd hold on to the "blue one" just in case you find you can't live with the finish dings that will be inevitable.

just regular one. Guy at my gun shop has a real one and i ve been trying to trade him some stuff but he has about 4 of everything i would want lol. Crazy thing is he never shoots any of them

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So I’m seeing the coated version and the price looks nice (for an M4). I’d like the version with the unrestricted mag tube, But they seem rare, any information would be great about the mag tube. Second there are two H2O version a coated and non coated? 
my Benelli count: 1 for now ? I’m willing to provide a loving home to any stray Benelli. 

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A local shop emailed me last week that an LE H2O came in for $2350. I was tempted to get it, swap on my field stock and sell the adjustable and my black M4. I woulda probably come out ahead a few hundred bucks but it seemed like too much hassle. Probably a straight flip would been easier since they were going for around $3k last I looked on GunBroker. 

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