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Blue Forge Gear Custom Padded Vickers Sling


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Would like to place a order for Benelli m4 with Mesa tactical stock,

Part Number: VCAS-CUSTOM-200

Pros and cons about this product will be very appreciated. Thanks for your help. 

it will this product fit correctly on the default factory sling attachment plates front and rear?

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Thanks everyone for respond and explanation.

Place order yesterday, Part Number: VCAS-CUSTOM-200, as picture bellow. 978756794_BlueForseGearCustom.png.47a008019499962055694747dac34ae4.png

in addition to front and rear attachments hardware ULoop               uber-loop-bfg_6.jpg.65365c318fd2bf5ac6408fe0bf89c460.jpg                                                

 add pair of Sling Snap Hook P-HK-100hk_hook_4.jpg.29ad30831c2dcd2bf1065ebfd3564991.jpg

What sling hardware will work better and cleaner on m4 11707 sling attachment plate front 63458669_BenelliM4SlingAttachmentPlateCode70120.thumb.JPG.fff3a23f50ed63ffc3e64a98de02d23d.JPG 

and rear, between receiver and   Mesa stock (hardware was included) IMG_1264.thumb.jpg.449af4b53009632ea8e30838731fe023.jpg

Of course if I decide connect rear point directly to Mesa Stock ambidextrous sling IMG_1252.thumb.jpg.30cbc596e6c5acdb524e3a825a6104ee.jpg  it will be ULoop, looks like HK hook won't fit

Thanks for your help.

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Can’t ever go wrong with BFG Vickers for sure.  For options, check out both Armageddon Gear carbine sling & Rifles Only carbine sling. I tried one or other on various AR platforms and both are duty-built, & ergo (small bungee neck-section)& insanely fast adjust, switched over everything from BFG including shotties!  Rifles Only is a rather unique design, the thumb/finger loop adjust has no sling-slack..so there’s no dangling slack to get in way or caught anywhere. Observed some 3-gunners running Rifles Only who typically run chest rigs full of mags, etc. and they refuse to fumble around with dangling sling slack getting caught in gear..I was like hmmm??..even though I have never done any 3 gun seemed like a functional upgrade. Some people don’t like the small bungee neck section & the slight “stretch” but it’s insignificant and doesn’t bother me at all..and no more neck chafing!




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