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I just got an email from Joe. He says that he can match the barrel finish exactly. And he should have some ready around the week of the 28th.He also told me that if anyone is interested they should use the AR-15.com tread that Duggan provided. He will update the tread as new information becomes available. This sounds AWESOME!!! Duggan, you the MAN bro!!!! Great find!!!


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Still banned.

It just burns me that the yahoos who booted me didn't do their part.

I e-mailed them back and thought that was the end of it.

I didn't realize that I had to keep their contact info. and ask several times to be reinstated or whatever the heck they want.


I see people posting stuff on there very day that's a LOT worse than my reference to illegal aliens having moist lumbars, but they don't get booted.


I guess I should have checked to see if there were any mods named Castro before I posted :(


Anyway, thanks for the effort.

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I'll let you all know when I get mine. I'm on the list for his second batch when he gets them done. Pistons also. He said around the end of august so I'm patiently waiting. I also ordered a EOTECH 512 and mount from LaRue Tactical. Thats a good deal for the best of the best together. $439.00 and includes a free hat. Best prices I saw were around 359.00 for the EOTECH and 119.00 for the mount.

It will also mount right up on my flat top AR.

The pimping has begun. I just hope its not followed by the divorce but some things are worth the price.

I hope? ;)

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She understands. After 28yrs she ought to know me be now. But after just buying my M4,SBE2 and an AR15 along with the goodies it makes her a little nervous. I am sure she will have no problem finding something to even that out with.

Yes just the eotech and Larue mount was 439. Buying it from Larue Tactical together saved me 40 to 50 to use for something else. The full length tubes are about 190 and he's not sure yet how much for the pistons and follower but I should know soon and I'll post that up then. Why buy the extention for 150 when a full tube is 190? Thanks again Duggan for this original post. :cool:

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I have both the "factory" not proven (ie Numrich) mag tube and just received ar15's SOCOMguy's $190 tube. I must say that SOCOMguy makes a much better tube. In fact, if anyone from Benelli is reading this you should contact him to make them for you. Or maybe pay your people in Italy a little more to do a better job finishing your tubes.

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I also received my M4 tube from Socomguy today and I must say it is excellent. The machine work is top notch and the finish is very good. Much better than the numerich tube and you have to remember it's also made in the USA. I recommend him. I also got a numrich tube which is also worth it but it may eventually be for sale as I cannot prove it is a factory tube.

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