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New Benelli m4. Is this normal though?


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Benelli will never admit their drop in quality control over the last18 months relative to the M4 platform.  In Benelli’s defense, the stars all aligned for them..Covid shutdowns + annual Italian factories shutdown every month of August + expiration of M4 ARGO system patent. Additionally, once the patent expired on the ARGO system, at least 3 Turkish clones of the M4 hit the market for half and even 1/3 the price the price of Benelli..and there will likely be more M4 clones coming. It will be interesting what course Benelli takes with their M4 platform..they have already validated that widespread “minor” quality control flaws are now allowed that we’re NOT allowed to leave Italy prior, clearly a strategic decision made by Benelli and their present day approach to the M4..albeit a very sad one to me anyway.

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I have seen plenty of these tangs in person. Yours falls within what I would roughly call normal variance based on over a decade of looking at them. The machine marks are ever present in varying degree, and that part is deformed during install. The chrome, if chipped, is annoying, and the only aspect of this that could be considered  abnormal byt not unheard of. I cannot tell if its chipped or dirt or lighting causes the photographed appearance near the rivet hole.


The machine marks on the tang edge though are 100% a non issue and not abnormal.

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I agree it’s pretty rough on the machining. Either the tool bit needed changed or someone didn’t follow up and hand fit it with a file before the chrome was done. Either way it won’t affect anything. 

I can’t see the rivet very well. Being a rivet, the parts are deformed during the install. High spots sometimes need filed off to permit seating of the barrel into the receiver. I’d leave it alone, shoot it and see if it fails before attempting to send it back to Benelli. At this point they’d likely say its in spec and to go away. 

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