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So which Benelli model is this?


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This was confiscated by the WVA Natural resources police. ?

The post….


“There have been several incidents involving illegal hunting in recent weeks in District 1. Some of the
cases from Sgt. Spangler’s area are as follows:

On October 23rd, two hunters were charged in the Pleasant Valley area by Officers Kocsis and France for various hunting violations during early antlerless deer season, including hunting without licenses, no
antlerless stamp, and no blaze orange. Other cases are pending related to spotlighting, Illegal
possession, and hunting without license.

On October 29th, Officer Prickett and Sgt. Spangler received a complaint about a possible illegal deer kill
in the Galloway area of Barbour County. Upon investigation, it was determined that a 10-point buck
had been killed with a 30-06 rifle that was checked in as an archery kill. The shooter also discharged
the firearm within 500 feet of several houses, and the buck was across the creek on a neighboring

On October 26th , Officer Rumney received information of an illegal buck kill in Clarksburg. It was determined the individual had illegally killed the deer within city limits and committed several DNR violations.

On Friday, November 5th, Officer Rumney and Sgt. Spangler were patrolling the Wallace area of
Harrison County around 9:30pm and encountered two subjects walking in the roadway, one of which
was fully camouflaged and carrying a loaded sawed-off shotgun with three flashlights attached to it. The
subject with the gun attempted to conceal it along the roadway. Investigation revealed that the subject
was a convicted felon and prohibited to possess the firearm. The subject was arrested pursuant to the
firearms charges and drug paraphernalia.

Officer Dudley and Corporal Ozalas have had several calls in Tucker County as well. One case involved a
nonresident and a resident who shot a deer with a crossbow from the road. Several other complaints
were received and are still being investigated related to shots fired at night and illegally killed deer
carcasses that were found by landowners.

Night-time patrols have resulted in several other charges including uncased crossbows and hunting after legal hours by Officers Rumney and Kocsis. 

On November 12th, Officer Rumney, Officer France, and Officer Kocsis were patrolling the Adamsville area of Harrison County. During that patrol, Officer
Rumney arrested an individual for DUI 2 nd Offense.
In the cases above, citations/charges are pending in the respective Courts. 

Many of the violations that
are encountered are only successfully prosecuted with the assistance of good witnesses. If you observe game violations, please contact your local DNR office or 911 center. “



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1 hour ago, Drbones said:

Illegal part is what they did to the stock

OP text from source states "sawed off shotgun"...difficult to tell from the photo but it appears that barrel muzzle is flush with flashlight which would definitely make it a NFA item.

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WOW with a major eye-roll!  That shotgun looks scary..complete with hose clamp & electrical tape! I totally get it, you have to improvise & make-do with what you’ve got..but that shotgun validates why hunters & firearm enthusiasts in America that generally follow the rules and practice safety first and proper maintenance, we end up having to endure/suffer all the ridiculous enforced hunting & firearm laws, restrictions, violations, etc. The fact the dude was walking on the road and tried to “conceal it along the roadway” when the officers rolled up speaks volumes..Shocker! ..the dude was also a convicted felon & prohibited from possessing a firearm. I’m not to far from Clarksburg W. VA..beautiful county and a major FBI facility is located there. Daily routine our police officers all over the country have to deal with, hats off to em’!

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