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SBE II and 3.5 shells


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"Thing kicks like a mule ..." - Guns do that.


"...obviously not made to handle the shell." - No comment.


"Trigger guard repeatedly kicked back into my middle finger." - Guns do that. Grip the stock firmly.


"If not I've got 1 for sale ..." - I have an extra $500. Wait you said SBE II make that $700. Let me know.


"...and will be buying the Xtrema." - If you had no idea that a 3.5" 12 gauge round would kick in an inertia driven gun and can't hang on to it when it does then the Extrema is for you.

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A little story to add to this. My friends 9 year old is packing a 20 gauge single shot in the blind this year. He actually fell down once when he shot it (he's small) so we rigged up a chair for him to shoot from. When he lets one fly he'll rub his shoulder and say, "Ouch." Us old f@rts just grin and say, "Nice try you almost got that one." Next duck comes by and he does it all again. Us old f@rts just grin some more. He says ouch because it kicks but he's not complaining. He's usually got the biggest grin in the blind.


sbeIIfan, it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, 13 or 30, big hands or small, you can either handle it or you can't. Keep shooting, the world needs more kids like you.

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I don't blame you a bit if you're recoil conscious. Personally, if the Xtrema is softer shooting and you accept the differences between it and the SBEII ... I'd buy it in a heartbeat. There's nothing positive about excessive recoil ... period.


As far as the kid in the blind, the quickest way to turn off somebody to the shooting sports, and the fastest way to develop bad shooting technique ... is to pound the bejeezzus out of "the new guy." Particularly women & children. Come to think of it, my first shotgun was a single shot 12ga wonder passed around the neighborhood we called "The Stovepipe." Kicked like a croquet mallet, & fell apart in your hands half the time after you lit it off. You didn't know who got the worst of the deal, the duck in front ... or the kid in back of the thing. I understand that not everyone can afford a soft shooting 20ga semi-auto for their first gun though. The kid's a Spartan and I'd be proud of him; but he's exceptional in this day and age.

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All BS aside,


Frist- If your shooting a gun that you know is going to kick the sh*t out of you, chances are your going to pull and/or flinch as you shoot. So it should be a concern.


Second- Pride sould not be a factor. Saying things like, " don't be a wimp" or " I'm little and I can do it" is foolish. Plan and simple, "If it hurts you, it harming you."


The size of a person may have something to do with it, But more like it's a person tolarnce to pain, and in some cases personal health.


For example, One of my friends, has been taking Meds. for his kidney stones for years now, and two years ago he shot a 3 1/2" shell. and broke his neck in two places. That's how brittle the meds made his bones.


Another friend received an aneurism and died from a recoil blow.


Yet another person I know, trying to battle the recoil of his gun, desided to lean up againt a tree. Hmmmmm?, gun, body, tree, something has to give here. He ended up with a broken collar bone.


The benilli SBDII is design light, giving you faster reaction times when shooting, But at a price, harder recoil.


You can buy recoilless shotguns, at a price, but they to have a trade off.


Russ F.


[ 01-04-2006, 10:02 AM: Message edited by: Russ F. ]

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Originally posted by missipp_benelli:

As a former D1 linebacker I really appreciate advice from internet tough guys, and for dispensing such profound advice. Idaho I dont know if you can actually afford an SBE II, but keep saving and that double that 700.

Tough words from yet another internet tough guy...


mudhen - CA


[ 01-04-2006, 12:01 PM: Message edited by: mudhen ]

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As a former D1 linebacker I really appreciate advice from internet tough guys, and for dispensing such profound advice.
Here's some profound advice: Don't expect a shred of respect when your second post on this site is some half-*** snide remark to a 13yo. It sounds like the gun handles the shells just fine. Get one that fits and grip it like a man.
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