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M4 with Specter CQB 3 Point Sling


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Hi jakjakman,


Yes, that is a very good setup. Great stuff they make at Specter, huh...


I just got an e-mail back from them and they ARE going to start making their stuff available with the H&K style hooks...Crap, I guess I'll have to spend more money now...


Take care,




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Thanks jjgi5150! smile.gif That's good news about the H&K hooks--I'll keep an eye out for them. I doubt they'll be too expensive, my CQB sling was only like $34--a heck of a deal if you ask me. Oh, btw, thanks for posting the pic of your entry with the single point sling--looks very good. I especailly like the Sigs--got a couple myself, both 226s.

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Kewl!!..When did they say it'd be available with H&K Hooks???I need one or two yesterday..Heh-heh!


Where's the best place???..Somebody on Arfcom had these on sale awhile back..


And the guy in the pic sure has a plain caucasion look'n face....I wouldn't voluteer for any line ups...LOL!!

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No Prob jjm,


Once you get spoiled by high quality products it is very hard to accept less. The only problem I will have now is finding a company that makes just a small ring type receiver end plate for the hooks. Only ones out here now...for the M1's anyway, are 1 1/4" loop types... As to those SIG's....yeah they are the best. A 226R for the thigh holster for entries, and the 229R for all day carry in plain clothes. I carried Glocks for many, many years, and loved them, I even used to sell a ton of them when I had my FFL...Then I had a problem with my G22, which could have been a fatal problem on an entry, and when attempting to deal with the repair via GLOCK Inc., I got the big run around about EXACTLY what they were going to do to fix the gun. So, I sold three of my four Glocks...I HAVE to keep the G23, for sentimental reasons....


Oh jjm, I also had a few good one liners on the photos,which were great btw, such as ..."you did that pose with such a clear head," and "you look really squared away"......lol


star...as to the availability on the H&K type hooks, Sax did not say when, but indicated they would be available "soon."


You guys take care,



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Originally posted by KD6QZX:

Jakjakman, I too am a LEFTY! I see that the sling will block the ejection port when pulled tight, have you shot the boomer with the sling and had it block this port or does it seem to always droop a little alowing no blockage?

I have the same sling and also a lefty, I have not had a single problem with this...as a matter of fact I think it is the best sling made, get you one and you'll love it! :D
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