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Does new recoil system work?


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The ComforTech system reduces felt or perceived recoil substantially. The guns tends to give more a push than a sharp snap.

I shot 3.5's almost exclusively this duck/goose season with mine, and I had no problems at all with recoil. The ducks and geese in my freezer beg to differ :cool:


Pay no attention to crazyhair. He/She is angry because no one will tell him/her whether the Benellis kick more or less than his/her daddy's old shotguns.


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My son shot my sbe and his sbe 2 with 3.5 he said he couldn't tell much difference. I've been pushed with my 54 caliber muzzle loader, pushed with 458 mag, 45-70 in a #3 Ruger and more. I don't like being pushed around, it hurts


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