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Review: Mesa Tactical 6-Shot Holder for M4


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Got home last night to find to my joy: my Mesa Tactical 6-shot holder for my M1014. Upon opening the package I was delighted to see the very professional looking package holding everything I would need to install the shell holder:






Included items:


- 6-shot shell holder

- Hex tool and screws

- Rubber buffer

- Instructions

- Cool decal


The shell holder is very finely made. I was quite impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship and the fit. The rail and the holder is made of aluminum. There is a small rubber tube that runs between the shell holder and the rail part it attaches to (you can see it if you look closely at the pic above). This rubber tube presses against the shotgun shells and holds them in place.


Installation was very easy. First I removed the existing rail on my M1014 and then tested the fit of the new rail/shell-holder. I decided to install the rubber buffer on the back of the shell holder--which made everything fit just right. Once I was sure everything would fit properly I used the included hex tool and screws to fix the shell holder in place.


With the instillation complete I filled the holder with shells and took some glamour pics:










I haven't had a chance to shoot my gun with the shell holder installed, but I'm sure everything should work fine. The only improvements I could suggest are: a) The rubber tube that holds the shells in place could be made of something a little more stiff to hold the shells more tightly; b) the shell holder piece could maybe made of a good quality plastic instead of aluminum to keep weight down.


Overall I am very, very pleased with my Mesa Tactical 6-shot holder. Oh, I forgot to mention--the shell holder does not cover the axel-bush, so the trigger grip can be removed without removing the shell holder, unlike the Tac-Star side-saddle shell holder.

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Any problems with thesheels falling out with magnum loads.. I am wondering because I'm researching and want to get the 8 shot saddle for a m4, and have had nothing but problems on my m1's and m3 ???:confused:


just put one on my M1014 last week, talked with the fella from Mesa for a long time on the phone about this problem and he explained to me that with the new material they are using now that holds the shells in that this would no longer be an issue....I held off for a long time putting one on mine, after putting it on I can't believe I waited! one of the best additions to my shotty for sure. plus this would be another U.S. made part twords your total count ;)

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I have the 8 shell holder on my M4 & I can tell you it is an absolutely fine piece of work. Nice coating, no hard edges, holds the shells with just the right tension, and as mentioned does not block the trigger group pin.


Oh, and Mitch @ Mesa Tactical is outstanding to deal with-very friendly, knowledgable, and easy going. I will DEFINATELY buy from them again & certainly highly recommend them to anyone.


I'm hoping their rail adaptor fore-end will be coming shortly!:cool:

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