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  1. I usually look at the simplest explanation first. Have you considered installing a new magazine spring?
  2. If you don't mind posting your e-mail address here I'll send a couple of pics. I don't have enough posts on the forum to send one through the forum. EDIT: STAND BY, I might have enough posts to post a pic on the forum. It'll take me a little bit to get the pics.
  3. I have a M1 pistol grip stock gathering dust. No hardware or recoil pad. Just the pistol grip buttstock. $125 shipped to you.
  4. I'm not him but the bolt release is a GGG and the charging handle looks like GGG as well.
  5. I think it depends on the vintage of the gun. If you go to SureCycle's website and look at their replacement tubes/springs for Benelli's, you can figure out which ones are interchangable by serial number. I don't have a M2 but I have 4 M1's. Each one a little different. 1 21" VR gun - primary 1 19.5 inch rifle sights - extra 1 19.5 inch ghost ring sights - competition 1 14 inch entry gun - house gun If you have an extra 21" barrel you want to unload, or know somewhere that has one in your neighborhood, let me know. I want to put it on the gun that has rifle sights as a backup to my primary gun.
  6. I have a couple of M1's and I had one that may have been doing what you're talking about. If I understand the problem, you have a shell in the chamber but when you pull the trigger it doesn't fire. In mine, I found that the recoil spring had lost some of it's oomph. When I would manually cycle a round into the chamber, the bolt would go forward but the locking head would not fully rotate and lock into the barrel, causing it to be just ever so slightly out of battery. You had to look close to see the difference in how the locking head was rotating. The firing pin would then not be able to go forward fully and contact the firing pin. It even happened a couple of times when the gun fired. It would shoot, cycle and then go click. I ended up changing out the recoil tube/spring assembly and I also changed out the original blued locking head with a chrome one. I have never had the problem since. If you're looking to unload that 21" M1, let me know. That's my pheasant/skeet/sporting clays gun and I sure would like another. I've been looking for another 21 inch barrel for a while now but haven't had any luck but I'd buy a whole gun in a heartbeat.
  7. truckcop

    Oversize Safety

    GGG makes a very nice oversized bolt release. Way oversized. I really like mine. I have three.
  8. I've had a M1 Entry gun for 10 - 12 years now. I love it. The only problem I ever had was shooting reduced recoil buckshot. Occasionally, it would short cycle with that and other lower power loads. I replaced the recoil spring/tube with a stainless SureCycle tube/spring. Not a care since. It has reliably digested everything I feed it. I can't think of any other problems I've ever had with the gun. I've used it primarily for 3-gun competition and shotgun training classes out at the academy. I haven't hung a bunch of other stuff all over it either so I don't know what that would do to mine. I've even shot skeet with it a couple of times. Best round was 22. For a while it was my primary skeet/pheasant gun but I had put a 21 inch barrel on it for all that. I finally got another M1 and put the 21 on it an put the 14 back where it belonged. I love that gun.
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