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  1. Attached excel spreadsheet reflect the weights I've compiled for accessories that I have installed, had installed and have been contemplating. The reduction column shows items I've added or swapped out on my M4. The biggest weight gain is the addition of a Scout light and the biggest savings was replacing the Mesa side saddle shell holder w/ a velcro Vang Comp system and swapping out the Nordic 7 round tube with a CC tube. Your actual weight savings may vary! Hope this helps! M4 Accessory Weights.xlsx
  2. YUP -- What he said!! Just don't get discouraged!
  3. Why are you selling it anyway?
  4. There is a lot of extremely good comments and advice here, IMO. Deciding to arm yourself at home or concealed carry away from home is really a lifestyle change. That can sound overwhelming but it shouldn't deter you from taking the first step on the journey. Other than parroting what others have already said, my best advice is for you and your wife to do it together if you can; this should be easier because it will be new to the both of you and you won't have the typical scenario of the know-it-all husband telling the little wifey what she needs and how to do it. Do some research o
  5. This email just now popped into my in-box; contains the latest inventory and "status of business" of FFT. https://mailchi.mp/d760e8590cf7/big-news-at-fft-full-length-finished-titanium-tubes-are-in-stock-limited-time-2976857?e=b12864a6d2
  6. Dam, the Sig Fly beat me to it! FFT!
  7. Over the years I've pulled it out to polish it, modify it, bend it and recently replace it after it broke. All this was in an effort to ease the mag tube loading process as this original post discusses. And, Tycoon above. While eating Tacos on Tuesday on cinco de Mayo with no Corona, I decided to read through Benelliwerk's awesome manual: Anatomy of the Benelli M4. I finally got to the pages that talks in great detail the interactions of the carrier control button, cartridge drop lever (shell drop button), cartridge latch (shell stop) and the shell carrier lift. Of course it shows th
  8. I was shooting skeet with a few friends this past weekend and I had a crazy malfunction with my M4 after 4 shots. The spring that puts tension on the shell stop lever had rotated 90 degrees and was wedged between the lever and the channel in the receiver that houses the lever. In other words, it was parallel to the shell stop instead of perpendicular. Everything was jammed up which required a removal of the lever just to remove the bolt and trigger housing. Luckily I had everything I needed to do the job at the range on a picnic table. I had the gun back up and running within a half hour.
  9. Was playing with my gun the other day and noticed the bolt release button was loose. What?! This was the OEM release lever that I drilled and tapped for a bolt release pad. For some reason that process didn't go very well, probably the wrong tap. So bought a Redneck Tactical bolt release tab and pressed-on for several + years. You'll notice I polished the heck out of it as well. Polished it in places that didn't need to be polished! I also recently did a little bending adjustment for easier loading. Probably went something like this: Not enough, still not enough, oh too much, back the
  10. Rhodes - You mentioned that the extra shell capacity is for home defense, not necessarily for hunting. In that case, for rapid reloads you may want to reconsider the velcro option on the receiver as a faster way to pull a round and feed it up into the mag tube with the support hand without having to dismount the gun. I suppose that one could do the same with a stock mounted shell holder as well (assuming you bought the Beartooth Gun Jacket model) . Not sure. Once you get it, I'd play with it a lot and consider things like speed and economy of motion during re-loads, keeping the gun at
  11. Windy - Everything Stranger said above, plus you can also checkout Streamlights tactical light and laser combos. They basically replicate everything Surefire offers and they appear to be cheaper looking at their website and on Amazon/Ebay. They also weigh just under 5 ounces. Now having said that, I'm not sure of everyone's opinions on quality and performance between the 2 brands. I do run a Streamlight TLR-2 HL with a red laser on my Springfield XD-40 hd pistol.
  12. A worthy journey successfully completed. Awesome!
  13. Sigfla - That might have been me talking about an A&S trigger guard where the hammer bushing was too tight. I think the anodizing was the culprit that caused the hole to be too small, but A&S waived that off. Having said that, A&S was very happy to replace the trigger guard and asked if I would send my defective TG back so they could take a look at it. I have not heard anything back from them but that's okay -- they made it right. ALSO, I think I'm the only one that has had a problem with their TG; everyone on this forum, including me, like their product. Just so happened
  14. Birdog19

    New M4 build

    PICTURES!!! please Thanks for bringing up the torque values (as has been done on this forum before). I need to start paying attention to the recommended weights as I just give it a snug+ tightening and I am starting to think that ain't bueno way to go.
  15. Sigma! Awesome field report!! Glad to hear your Briley worked to perfection. 300 rounds and only dropped 2 shells on reloads. Awesome dude. But anyone can tell that by your excitement and pics! Do you load 2 or 4? Happy for you!
  16. Don't be afraid to trim a few (+) coils off your spring if you decide to go with the Rio Buck.
  17. Thanks gents. Should get my M300 this week and will check it out.
  18. I figured you probably had spoken with him in the past. I told him, "...well there's a guy on the Benelli USA forum that kind'a knows his shit and has put a lot of rounds through the tube and he says..." I didn't drop your name. It's all good!
  19. If you guys are in the market for Sure Fire Scout series weapon lights, good luck. The normal sources out there have some stuff but not at the best prices and availability of remote switches and tail caps is limited. I spoke with Impact Weapons Components (IWC) yesterday and Earl said Sure Fire was hard to come buy. Yup, I tried ebay, Amazon, Optics, Brownells, Midway and others and it's a tough find unless you want to pay top dollar. The best price I found was through IWC for a M330C at $220 and I bought one. In speaking with Earl (IWC), I brought up the tail cap switch and the prote
  20. Comments Embedded above.
  21. joegie - Yeah, as crazy as the DPRC is, when you live in San Dawg, life is pretty sweet. I remember the first time I landed at North Island on a cross country. When I popped the canopy I swear it was unreal. The sun was brighter, the air cleaner and the sky bluer. That was around 1983 and I still remember it. Frog Lube was a classmate and roommate of mine at Aviation Officer Candidate school (AOCS) in Pensacola. He was prior Air Farce Enlisted. He selected for jets but never received his wings. Missed it by that much I think, but I'll never understand why. He ended up being a
  22. Yeah, I think Californians have already screwed up Oregon and I heard Idaho has a "Californians Not Welcome" sign at the border. Messing up Texas and Arizona too. Somehow they move away from the politicians and taxes but they take their liberal thinking with them. A friend of mine owns and operates Frog Lube and he had a beautiful home on Pt Loma in San Diego. He was at SHOT Show a few years back and the Mayor of Dallas stopped and chatted for a while and convinced them to move to business friendly Tejas. He's a born and bred SoCal surfer dude but he didn't hesitate to make the move for h
  23. I was just gonna say that. Sounds like there are 2 issues if I'm reading this right. But pressing the bolt release will get the shell stop out of the way when removing and installing the trigger group.
  24. Last time for me was a fishing trip to the Outer Banks. Love that place!
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