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  1. I have the FFT 1/2" titanium handle. It fell out yesterday after about 80 rounds of bird shot. Luckily for me it wasn't during firing; it just fell at my feet and my buddies, said, "Dude, look!" I re-installed and gave it a tug and shot another 20 rounds or so without incident. If I just pissed in someone's cornflakes, my apologies! Next time I go to the range I'll take my OEM as a spare and will update this forum if it happens again.
  2. I agree with Sukhoi. I recently swapped out my pistol grip for a conventional stock so I could do speed loading with my support hand without changing my strong hand grip position. I was finally able to check it out yesterday and do some speed loading practice. Worked pretty well. The conventional stock is about 5.6 oz lighter, at least that's what my mail scale told me. I found no difference or preference in the feel of the grip. But then again, some folks adapt and overcome without even thinking about it and some are very particular to subtleties. I'm of the former variety. Of cou
  3. Yup, you would be in the "Wolff Spring Club" as Carrier Comp's titanium mag tubes come with a wolff spring and a US made follower. Follow the suggestions from DC and Jolly and DON'T be afraid to cut your spring a little shorter to gain full capacity. As has been mentioned before on this forum, Benelli ships a spring meant for the full 7-round mag tube even though it also ships with the 5-round limiter mag tube, so straight out of the box it will be a little too long and may inhibit 5-round capacity with certain shells. As for the mag tube seal ring, I don't have mine installed. Whe
  4. Hey Tycoon! Have you returned from your work bench yet! ;-{) Am wondering if you got this installed and working correctly. Thanks.
  5. Dr Bones - Welcome to the world of: Making my Benelli M4 more perfect. Below are some of the things I have done to my M4 for home defense and 3-Gun use. HOWEVER, I would strongly encourage you to do some searches on this site to see what others have done. There is a wealth of experience here with many folks trying many different things. In fact, I'd search every after market gun component that you're thinking about buying on this site before you do so. The same with any issues you may have with your M4. Regarding side saddle "tactical shell holder, I had a Mesa 6-round hold
  6. Hey RPC -- Sorry to hear you live in California. I should know, I live here too! While there was a work-around for buying ammo on the web and having it shipped to a cooperating FFL/Dealer, it looks like that option is now gone. Now we need to have the correct paperwork in order to have a background check done for every ammo purchase (within state). And, each purchase denotes caliber and type you purchase going to your current resident address. Only saving grace at this point is there is no limit to the amount you can buy. So now buying a thousand rounds of 9, 40, 45, 223, 12 gauge a
  7. Actually when you select their custom work menu or shipping menu it tells you they aren't accepting any orders/shipping "at this time".
  8. Thanks for the update. Did they smooth out the "sharp" 90 deg edges where they took material off the receiver like Danger does with his loading port job? My shell catch is pretty stiff as well. I checked out this forum as recommended by Danger some weeks ago and there is some good stuff there: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/219805-benelli-m2-bolt-mods-and-shell-latch-mod/ I'm also going to look at the spring tension with only one shell in the mag tube to see if maybe the spring can be shortened a little thus a little less force to push against. Thanks for the update
  9. Hey Fanboy! Any update on your receiver? Is Briley treating you right?
  10. Would love an update from you guys on this!
  11. Donrozon - Can you give us a rundown on your fluted bolt? Who did it? How much? Weight differences? Actual benefits in cycling and felt recoil? I see Taran Tactical offers this as part of their overall upgrade packages but never offered as a stand alone service. Losers of Bolt Handles (No Tycoon, Super M4) - For those of you that were lucky enough to find their handles, where was it? Meaning, did it appear to fly out and behind you at the end of the bolt retraction or in front of you when the bolt slammed home on the chamber? Thanks, Birdog
  12. Just saw this item close on ebay for $410
  13. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/81041 I haven't seen a whole lot of "want" for this item in a while. In fact, I was the last one to ask if anyone had one for sale and I was able to pick one up from a member of this forum. I was on a wait list for this stock and MW just sent me an email saying they were back in-stock. $130 at MWGW if you're interested... . While I like the pistol grip stock, it's easier to load 2 or 4 with the support hand with the standard stock. Good Hunting.
  14. 'Spec - That's exactly what I was going to suggest -- shorten the spring a little. I believe NordiComp suggest starting with 14 1/2" of spring extending out of the front of the mag tube for starters. If you are getting less rounds in the tube than what you'd expect, 5+1 or 7+1, then take a look at the shell length and also play around with the spring length. If you have plenty of spring pressure to chamber the last round, you might be able to trim that spring down a little the get that last 1/4 - 1/2" (?) that will let you load the final shell with still enough spring compression/power
  15. Just thought I'd pass this along for those using your M4 for home defense. Attached below are links to Streamlight's product datasheet and GG&G's sale price which is 45% off. The light looks good but kind of heavy at 10+ oz. That and a mounting rail will get you close to 3/4 lb near the end of your barrel. https://www.gggaz.com/streamlight-protac-rail-mount-hl-x-laser-long-gun-light.html https://www.streamlight.com/docs/default-source/fact-sheet/334.pdf Thoughts? Carry-On, Birdog
  16. Dam Stranger. You presented it all in such a straight forward manner. Couldn't agree more. To me the question is between an M4 or M2 and forget about the M2 Tactical. In answering your 2 closing questions above, you arrive at your decision!
  17. Jeff - I'd first ask yourself what's the prupose of the gun? Or, is it multipurpose? I know, way too basic of questions right? I bought the M4 some years ago based on falling in love with a picture of a sexy badass gun! Since then it seems every manufacturer has come out with a "tactical" model with a short barrell, pic rail, pistol grip and ghost sights. My guess is the biggest difference between M4 and M2 Tactical is the gas systems. Inertia driven for M2 and Auto Regulating Gas Operating system (ARGO) for the M4. Truthfully, I can't speak to the preferred system in reards to rel
  18. 'Spec - Sounds like you're in it like I was 5 years ago and am again renewed as I take my next step in mod'ing the M4. I'd do some searches for "springs" and "trigger pull/weight" etc and see what this old forum has to offer. I did that on another topic and found myself reading for hours -- good stuff. That, and wait to see if some of the sages of this forum chime in. ATB, Birdog
  19. With a TTI reduced power hammer spring I had several light primer strikes (FTF) using Fed or Win cheap bird shot (about 100 rounds). This was several years ago. I also installed the FFT trigger package (trig, hammer, dis-connector) at the same time. I went back to the OEM spring. I did like the pull with the TTI spring - definitely reduced weight. Felt good, but the occasional lack of a bang made it a no-go for me. I just notice that FFT uses Wolf springs...I wonder if they are better than TTI's springs. Anyone?
  20. Figgy - Not sure how much you've searched through these posts but there is a lot of info contained therein. DailyEDC has M4 parts for sale in this forum that you may be interested in like a 7-round mag tube by FFT. Freedom Fighter also has a trigger kit and hand guards that are made in the USA and help toward 922(r). Personally I like the OEM or after market knock-off hand guards because at 4.8 oz, they are light! Nordic Components also have 7 round mag tubes which are cheaper and a little heavier than TIT. Keep surfing here as there is a lot of good stuff and it's better than
  21. Could have sworn I looked yesterday and they were OOS. Thanks Scout! Order complete! +1
  22. Anyone found a site that has these in stock?
  23. Sigma you just turned my whole upgrade build plan upside down! I have an RMR on my home built P80 Glock but I never realized it had that kinda battery life. Just checked their website and sure enough, 2-5 years depending. I might have to rethink the Streamlight light/laser combo for just a light and RMR. THANKS! Birdog
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