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  1. I checked out their website, looks like a great place to train. My Best Man and his family are all moving from DPRC to N.C. Two of his adult kids and their families are already settled in Burnsville and Asheville areas and they love it. They just can't take Cali anymore.., it's bad and getting worse. Don't worry, they won't bring any of that liberal mindset with them!
  2. Was thinking the same thing. Buy a handguard for over $300 then put it on a bandsaw and a grinder and tear the crap out of it! Seems as though Sigma finds it groovy as is! Maybe I'm overthinking it.
  3. Interesting. Where do you train? I'm in the Democratic People's Republic of California (DPRC).
  4. Yup, we just keep tinkering until we die. It's all very good!! Good to hear you have no problems reaching the tape switch. So, if you had to shoot lefty, you'd just wrap your right hand over the top and engage with your thumb? An over-the-top grip like many use with an AR in CQB. I like your thinking. You never know when your clearing the house and slicing the pie around a corner when it might be better to do it left handed. Depends on your house layout. Come to think of it...that's how I would need to come down the hallway and into the living room. Thanks for making me think....a
  5. I'm with Scout. Went with the Vang Comp idea and just bought the shell holder from Brownells. Don't buy the aluminum plate that attaches to the receiver with screws. Because A) they don't make one for the M4 and. B) You don't need it. Just do the glue-on velcro that Scout suggested. Their idea that you can carry several extra shell carriers (like extra mags in a pouch) loaded with different rounds sounds good, but in practice and under threat, I can't see ripping off the empty carrier and slapping a full carrier on the velcro as you've done a lot of stuff but still haven't loaded a
  6. Sigma - Saw this posted under your "My Final Build" thread and had to chuckle. What's the definition of "final"? I'd say, It Depends! Kind'a like, "never say never!" The set-up looks sweet. Am curious to hear what you think about the location of your remote tape switch once you get a chance to run it through its paces. It looks pretty high to me (above the barrel) but without getting a chance to "fondle" it, I merit no opinion! How much does that rig weigh fully loaded? Around 10lbs.?
  7. 8" Handguard = 9.5 oz 13" Handguard = 12.9 oz As someone else mentioned, Briley has removed the M4 from their "Parts and Services" page so I'm guessing they are working their slight fitment issues before the start selling again. I like the feel of the OEM split handguards as my left support thumb fits where Benelli wants it to fit at the front end of the handguard. It gives me a little more purchase and grip. The Briley really wraps almost completely over the top of barrel which I personally don't need (added weight as well). And where my left thumb would rest appears to be v
  8. In his honor I dug a little deep into this forum and retrieved a little Friday Funnies. I guess this is the one that he puts away because it's too..., pretty?
  9. Hey Glen -- Did you pursue the QD option above? Work well for you?
  10. Ahhh, "Entry Model". I get it now.... .
  11. I've got a spreadsheet I call M4 Gunsmithing that has a lot of the upgrades I'm running and some actual gunsmithing ideas that I'm going to get to one day. After slapping a bunch of stuff on my weapon like a Mesa Tactical 6-round side saddle I started looking at losing weight. So, my geeky spreadsheet contains the weight of OEM parts and aftermarket add-ons. The Carrier Comp 7-round Tit mag tube is 5.3 oz, the Nordic Comp 7-round steel tube is 10.5 oz.; about half? Or, almost 1/3 lb. at the end of the gun. OBTW, the Mesa Tactical side saddle is 7.0 oz. and replaced it with a Van Comp velc
  12. Weird - Check out the thread below yours, "Benelli M4 - Building a H2O". On page 2 (about half way down) there is a discussion about Wright Armory now being the go-to folks for NP3/NP3+. I'm sure Stranger can provide some insight on their service and prices. Check out their website https://wrightarmory.com/
  13. JoeGie - Thanks for the info.
  14. Ok, just tried this. While holding the drop lever up, every manual cycle of the bolt ejects a round and chambers the next round. Repeating the process (lever up and manual bolt cycling) eventually cycles all the rounds out until empty. Thanks!
  15. Gents – I’ve been following the market for replacement forearms like many of you have. SD’s shopping list above along with many of your posts has reinvigorated my search. I am currently running a shitty old light on an IWC mount with a tape switch that sits right where my support thumb wants it to be. Also an RMR on a Scalarworks mount. My wish list for an overall upgrade is: Light or light/laser combo (Streamlight?) probably mounted on the right side with a tape switch/Arisaka Hot Button on the left side for my support hand thumb. Also a QD swivel for a sling (BF or MPUL) on the forea
  16. One-Up on ya' Tycoon. For 10 clams plus 3.95 for shipping, I had to give it a go.
  17. Sonyman - You did indeed purchase the wrong extension nut. It took a while for me to find this page on the NC site, but if you go to: https://nordiccomp.com/mxt-fit-guide/ it will give the option to choose the correct length of mag tube and what nut you will need for an M4. The nut you'll need is the: 12 Gauge Benelli Nova/Supernova, Beretta and CZ Extension Nut. Ain't it nice how there is no mention of M4 in the description?!! NC's website has always been difficult to navigate and their current SKUs no longer match what I bought 5 years ago...so it definitely takes some inner I
  18. That is how I am set-up. Carrier Comp 7-round tube with a Nordic Components extension to get me to 10+1. The color match of the NC 3-round extension isn't great, but I'm not running he gun in a beauty contest! NC website can be a little confusing but if you call them, they are very helpful.
  19. What about the effects on the trigger and firing pin springs if left cocked and loaded as a HD weapon? I've read some older posts on the subject of spring compression and fatigue through compression cycles and wondered if anyone that provided their experience a few years back has any new or different thoughts on the subject.
  20. Jet - Looked at Euro Optics and they no longer carry them. Check these out: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/benelli-m4/standard-stocks.html SOLD OUT $130 https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p33/Factory_Benelli_Standard_M4_Shotgun_Stock.html $250 $250 for this stock is steep but I don't see any sellers popping up, only hearing crickets. Keep fishing, I've purchased the same stock on this forum for much less. ATB, Birdog
  21. Headache? Yeah, true that, but always fun to be tinkering and measuring and seeing what you guys say and suggest and buying calipers for $25 and attempting to give feedback to a vendor that is trying to fill a niche market with a quality product. All good and thanks for the assists.
  22. Alright, let's kill this thread!!!! Thanks Jolly for the offer, I bought some calipers from the Big River Store in South America and did a little examination. OEM trigger guard hammer bushing (pin) hole diameter: 0.2365" A&S trigger guard hammer bushing (pin) hole diameter AFTER sanding the lugs and removing the anodizing: 0.230" A&S was pretty responsive considering I was emailing them over the holidays. Fred Snyder from A&S called me after seeing my measurements and commented that the holes should be 0.236. He sent me a new TG and asked that I return the origi
  23. I'll go $275!!!! Sorry, not to make fun, I just had to out-do the Jolly One!
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