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  1. RPC - There are a lot of good dudes on this forum with great experience and advice for you and your M4. Like many firearms, now that you've spent a lot of money on it, it is time to spend just about as much (or more) in making it just the way you want it! Pics below are kind'a average shots. May have to go to full screen on your 'puter for a better view. The mag tube pictured is 10 rounder. Obviously the 12 round is longer. No shot touches the mag tube although it does get dirty from powder. Shotguns being "street sweepers" or "broomsticks" is a bit of a misnomer though it's fu
  2. Sold. Now how do I delete this entire post?
  3. Bummer..., swing and a miss on my part!
  4. RPC - I've been running Nordic Components aluminum 7 round 1-piece mag tube and and extension tube beyond the barrel lug for several years now. Much cheaper than the TIT mag tubes. Their website can be a little confusing when deciding what exactly you need to order so I called them. Very helpful and entertaining to listen to mag tubes rolling and banging around the shop as the tech screwed some stuff together on an M4 to see if it all worked right. It did. I ended up with a 7 round replacement tube and an extension to bring me to 12+1 initially but had to step it down to 10+1 when C
  5. Birdog19

    M1 RMR

    Would it be better to have it tapped for a rail? That way you can adjust the red dot for eye relief for what "feels" good? My guess is closer is usually better for a wider FOV.
  6. Yeah, just checked Numrich. If I've got the correct parts, it's $22.90 ea. for the screws (part #25) and $11.45 ea. for the washers (#26). Whaaaaa?!
  7. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/benelli/shotguns-benelli/semi-auto-shotguns/m4-super-90 This site appears to have all Benelli OEM parts with OEM part numbers. I did not do a spot check cross reference with the Benelli USA site. Good luck, Birdog
  8. Thanks for the come back and the info...all makes sense to me!
  9. That's a deal. At work now so will PM you later for details. Thanks!
  10. Really? Not suggesting you're wrong, but that's something I've been thinking about -- get rid of that shit!
  11. Ok, cool. Can you load up some pics? And, do you have a price in mind?
  12. What do you mean by a "slight factory blend"? Is that a variation in color? Yeah, I would like to see some pics if you've got the time to upload 'em.
  13. I have the pistol grip stock and love it but want to try the standard field stock for 3-Gun load-2 or load-4 technique where you rotate your trigger hand (right in my case) clockwise and capture the butt under your armpit for a left handed load. Brownells, MidWest and Euro Optic (cheapest) are all back ordered. Thanks
  14. Assi - I use my M4 for 3-Gun and occasionally for Trap just to practice manual of arms. I was never happy with the Ghost Ring and housing for the same reasons you mentioned. Even for non-flyer clays on a stand it disrupts your peripheral vision as you swing from target to target. Not sure why anyone would need a ghost ring on a shotgun anyway, but I'm sure someone on this forum will explain it to me! ;-{) I put a Burris Fast Fire red dot on mine and it helps dramatically. You'll see others have done the same with a Trijicon RMR. The red dot sits well above the ghost ring housin
  15. Can you provide a little more info? Assuming this is for a weapon light like SureFire, etc.
  16. Thanks Truckcop. The Big Dot is close but no cigar. I'm thinking of ordering a Glock FO sight or a shot gun bead replacement FO sight...something with a screw-on attachment that I can fix the front platform. I'm "looking forward" to the costly and frustrating trial and error experience! ;-{) I know, I should have bought an M-2 to begin with...I fell in love with the sexiest gun alive and couldn't be denied. Live and learn!
  17. I have an M-4 that I've used on several 3-Gun matches. While I have ordered many of the upgrades discussed above, my biggest complaint with the gun is the ghost ring sights. To me it obstructs my vision in trying to quickly acquire the targets. While I'm sure folks would recommend a red dot/RMR sight to alleviate this, I'm not ready at this point to go in that direction. So far I've removed the rear sight housing and front sight blade. Can anyone recommend a front fiber optic sight that will work on the front site platform? HiViz makes a direct replacement for the M-4 but the FO tube is
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