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  1. I'm gonna lose my Man Card by admitting this, but I shoot mostly bird shot while busting clays or during 3-Gun with my M4. Cheap WallyMart Winchester or Federal 1 1/8 oz. No. 8 shot, 3 dram at 1200 FPS. Out of several thousand rounds, I can only remember one failure to cycle during a run. I'm not sure (or remember) the extent of the failure -- failure to eject or feed or both, because I just did a quick manual cycle of the bolt and got back to business. Also don't remember if I ejected a live or spent round when I cycled. So, bottom line I'd say you won't have any appreciable problem
  2. Wild Bill - 9" Nails brings up a good point and having reviewed the different products mentioned here, I think you need to ask yourself how you want to configure your M4. I run an RMR red dot with Scalarworks mount that replaces the OEM pic rail. It's lighter and co-witnesses well with the ghost ring sight. In choosing your mount, do you want to co-witness with your Aimpoint or have a higher mount that you can look under to use the ghost ring site? None of the LaRue T661 mounts appear to offer a co-witness or allow you to use your ghost sites at all. NineInch - Can you
  3. A lot of good advice and techniques here. Figured I'd throw out a couple myself. - Shooting skeet is usually totally different than having a friend sling clays. On a skeet range, the clay will rarely be any further away than 25 yards; depending on which station you are shooting from, they could be much closer. Depending on where the thrower is standing, hand slinging clays is more like shooting trap where the clays don't have as much cross tracking rate but do fly away from the shooter pretty quickly. So, a modified choke maybe preferred based on the average distance from clay to shoo
  4. Check out the link below. Scalarworks' LEAP mount is more expensive than the LaRue but a bit lighter. Their website provides good detail and their quick disconnect, while not a throw lever like LaRue, looks pretty convincing. https://scalarworks.com/shop/quick-detach-mounts/leap-01/
  5. Thanks Jolly! Appreciate the thought and the effort!
  6. I sent them an email via their website and mentioned that I received some feedback on this forum with others that have installed their TG. We'll see what they say. And, thanks! Comparing holes and pin sizes..., I think you're on the wrong website 🤣 Ha! I appreciate the offer but my wife won't let me have digital calipers!! Maybe I should go get some anyway. Yes, the bushing in question is the one you have highlighted above (arrow). Thanks for the offer and the assist. I might just go get me some of those calipers.
  7. 'Spec - As I recall, you swapped to an A&S TG within the last few months, right? Agree, the safety pin was stupid tight, yet you had no problem with the trigger bushing? I wonder if their anodizing process is adding too much thickness in certain areas (holes)? I'm no expert on the subject!
  8. Pirate - I sanded the holes (lugs) in the TG where the Trigger Pin Bushing is inserted. There is no play in the bushing or the parts it holds. While I have not yet fired the weapon, everything functions as it should, trigger disconnect, etc. and, it doesn't fail given the example you showed above. I appreciate the feedback...time will tell after a bunch of rounds fired. Stranger - I removed the anodizing down to bear aluminum. I inspected the bushing for any damage or irregular shape and found nothing other than the aforementioned chipped flange end of the bushing. All the hooks ful
  9. I bought myself the trigger guard before Christmas and when it arrived and my wife saw the price, she grabbed it from me, wrapped it and put it under the tree! Merry Christmas to.., me? From, me? Giving and receiving at the same time! While I have not stripped the M4 TG assembly 100 times like some savants may have on this forum, I have done it quite a few times to replace OEM with aftermarket parts, cleaning, etc. The A&S TG comes with an over sized roll pin for the for the safety detent plunger and spring assembly. You have to use that pin because the A&S trigger frame
  10. Sounds like great news, though I'm sorry to hear it took so long. Hope you're happy and the repairs hold!
  11. RPC - Epic story of your loving wife! I like your build but curious about the light and its operation. Looks like an end-cap switch. Have you run the gun with HD loads and manipulated the light as you might in a HD situation? Do you change your thumb position to switch the light then back to more of a standard grip? Just wondering about the ease of operation and if the bezel around the end cap digs into your thumb during recoil. Would a remote tape switch be better? I guess this question would make for a new topic.
  12. So sorry to hear that. I did a forum search for leaking gas cylinders as I seemed to recall that topic and low and behold I found one...unfortunatley it was your post! Best of luck with the Benelli Muther-Land.
  13. I first saw the M4 on the cover of a publication by USCCA. I think it was written by Mark Martin and it went into all the basics of defending yourself and others using a pistol, rifle and shotgun. I fell head-over-heals with that picture.., it was like seeing a hot blond in a red corvette convertible. Just had to have it! At the time there didn't seem to be many shotguns with pistol grips, pic rails and ghost sites on them so this thing was just all-out sexy to me. I went fishing on Gun Broker and finally landed the deal for $1,525 in January of 2014. My buddy and I went trap shootin
  14. Beating a dead horse with brute force. I like it!!
  15. Cobra - Welcome! Sounds like you've already made some purchases that come highly recommended by this group. While I wouldn't discourage you from asking advice on any topic, I would encourage you to conduct some searches for things you are considering as enhancements, upgrades or for 922 compliance, etc. I do this because there is a lot of good discussion and even tutorials on this forum written by some smart people that will probably cover most of the things you and I are considereing for the M4. I'm sure you'll learn a lot just as I have. And, I've found the gents on this forum
  16. Thanks much. I also picked up a field stock from a forum member and have switched to weak hand loads. I think I like it better and I don't see the fumbling around with my left hand like I expected. Port opening by Briley is my next step. Thanks again, Birdog
  17. Hey Fanboy, It's been a few months since you've posted and I'm wondering if you've had the chance to run your gun with the Briley port-opening job. Do you like it? I'm thinking about using their services as well.
  18. Jimbo.., you made me think with that saying and that's a good thing. I once said to someone I love, "If everyone disagrees with you then there is one common denominator in the discussion -- You!" Basically, what you said!
  19. I was on leave for a while and hadn't paid much attention to this forum. HOWEVER, I got caught up today and was laughing at his arrogance, kind demeanor, communication skills and overall superior intellect! Of course I noticed this when he first joined and could only say, WOW?! It looks like the herd finally turned on him and your clever and humorous responses had me giggling. I only have one regret, I wanted to buy some butt-ugly hand painted glossy cammo stocks for my next build. I already have a leather codpiece, thank you. Oh the sheer sorrow. Or is it shear? Or Cher? Oh, R
  20. I don't recall exactly what I did. I believe I put it in the shopping cart and tried to checkout. At that point I was asked if I wanted a notification when they were back in-stock. I did get the email from them and I posted it on this forum for those looking for a stock. I didn't act on it though as I had already purchased one.
  21. Euro Optic is back currently ordered. I ordered one some months ago and it took about 6 weeks(?) for them to notify me via email that they were back in-stock. By that time I had purchased one from a forum member on this site. Might be worth ordering one from them while you continue to search. At $122.50 I recall it being the best price I could find. https://www.eurooptic.com/Benelli-M4-Standard-Synthetic-Stock-81041.aspx
  22. And if you purchase a Carrier Comp mag tube, you'll get a Wolff spring and a follower in the package which gives you 2 of the 3 922r required compliant parts. I bought both a CC and FFT tube. I set the FFT tube on the floor while unpacking and it rolled a little bit and seemed to not be perfectly straight. I set it on a flat desk top on rolled it some more. Yup, it had a little bend to it. I doubt it would make much of a difference in operation, but I was a little surprised by it. The CC tube maybe had a little bend to it given the same test but it was barely discernable. The CC tube is
  23. Powerball ticket, Aye! I thought about a poor initial installation as well but I figured I would have lost it before 80+ rounds. I'm leaning more toward twisting the handle through manual of arms to the point where it was TDC. Currently I can rotate the handle to all 3 detents and give it a tug and it is secure. Quien sabes?
  24. FFT Charging Handle Update: I examined both the FFT and OEM charging handle detents and they look identical under a magnifying glass -- nothing more scientific than that. While installed, both handles will rotate through the 3 detents in similar fashion with similar force required. With a bit of playing with the charging handle, I found it possible to have the handle fail to drop into the spring loaded locked position (detents) but instead stay in what I'll call Top Dead Center, or, the removal position. I applied a little oil to the detents on the end of the handles and I was still a
  25. 'Spec - Who did the work on your loading port?
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