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What's your preferred O/U?


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I've toyed with the idea of getting an O/U and have been pricing the ones offered by Beretta, Browning, Franchi, and others. One gunshop owner told me to stay away from the Brownings and stick with guns out of Italy b/c they were made in Japan with cheaper metal that rusts easier. Any truth to that? What make and model do you shoot or suggest?

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If budget is an issue, I'd definitely go with a Franchi.

I still miss that little 20 ga. Veloce I sold on a whim.


If you've got the green, then Beretta is simply hard to beat.

Brownings are good guns as well.


The gun shop guy needs to go back to work at the 7-11 and stop spreading BS for a living.

Steel will rust if not properly cared for. Japanese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese... doesn't matter.


What does matter is how it is manufactured, treated, and cared for.

You won't find Brownings to be any more prone to rust than other makes.

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I have a Browning Citori Satin Lightning and have no problems with it being manufactured using products from Japan! Shoots really nice and the 2008 model i got came in 3 1/2 version and the 2009/2010 only come in 3" version but to me that would not be a deal breaker because i only use it for range shooting. I have a 2003 SBE II that has been flawless and rust free from day 1 that i use for everything else. Also just picked up a H&R "hehe" 12Ga Topper Classic Deluxe to play with, it's a single shot but that is what i wanted and that is what i got. Took me 2 years to get one due to high demand from what i was told. I think someone was BSN me from what i read Remington had bought them (MARLIN) out back in 2008 and closed a facility and opened a new one in SC i think? Just ordered 6 chokes from manventureoutpost for it and got a great deal! 6 tubes for 100.00 bucks and they are Browning Standard Invector tubes!:D I would look at those Mossberg Silver Reserves for around 480.00 bucks also at Wallyworld? I have also been looking at Wallyworld's Beretta 390 for around 540.00, backup for my SBEII and not a bad shotgun from what i hear from others that have a couple. My Weatherby Vanguard SMOA in 257 has made in Japan steel and i am getting 3/8" groups at 100 yds and have had NO issues with this rifle either! BTW Happy Holidays from NM:eek:


I got this one for 1099.00 a few months back and it's really a sweet shooter even in 12 Ga!

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Guest McDaddy

It's hard to pick a favorite; so here is my 2 cents.


I hunt quail with an Ithaca/SKB Model 500 20 gauge; for pheasant I have a couple to choose from but I would have to say my favorite is a Browning Citori Feather 16 gauge followed by a Browing Cynergy Feather 12.

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I have a Beretta 686 Onyx 12 ga and a Beretta 20 ga Silver Pigeon with a separate 28 ga barrel set. These are great guns, but I hunt with a 20 ga Benelli SuperSport. I have gotten very accustomed to having two extra 3" shells in the mag (5 shells total with 2 3/4 inch shells). I also do not have to worry if I drop it in a creek (I fell in a creek with the 686 while duck hunting, it was big fun taking the stock off and looking at all the moving parts that were trying to rust).

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How much money you have available to spend on an O/U, and whether you want to buy new or used, somewhat dictates what you can buy.


If you have $300 and really want an O/U, your options are very limited.


On the other hand, if you have $10,000, you have no such limitations.


Browning makes very, very nice guns. The gunshop guy is full of cr@p. With advice like that, I'd consider buying elsewhere.


All of these companies make excellent O/U's:












Caesar Guerini

Renato Gamba



There are others, I'm sure.

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As a favorite O/U, I'd have to go with the Browning Citori 16-gauge, but my upland favorite has always been a .410 bore O/U. As a youngster, I had a J C Higgins O/U with a .22 over and the 410 under. My O/U .410 now is a Stoeger and I'm very happy with it. Usually use 4 or 6-shot for birds and four shot for wabbits.

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I have a Browning Citori, Grade 1, Upland Special in 20 guauge. Bought it new in 1990 (AKA- "Baby"), with a barrel length of 23 inches. Had the LOP shortened to 13". This is the model with the English straight stock and Snaubel forend and yes, it was manufactured in Japan. After 19 years, a lot of blueing has rubbed off and the stock has countless dings. This little 20 guage fits me to a tee and I'm amost embarrassed with the number of Quail, Grouse and Pheasents I've taken home with the help of this gem. Back in the day, I've actually has a few guy friends refuse to hunt with me because I never miss with the Browning. But then, they're using the same 9-10 pound, 12 gauge pump gun on quail, that they use on Geese and turkeys. Sometimes when the weather is extra warm, I'll bring out an old H&R single shot .410 shooting 3" number 7+1/2 shot. After all, a lady has to give the Quail a chance occasionally, right? No rust on my Citoi even with all the bare metal showing. Of course, I have a safe full of Remington 1100's. 11-87's and Browning Auto-5's all in 20 guage (and one auto Remy in .410) for other fun Quail days. Have I mentioned my Little Monty, Short Stock, youth model in 20 guage? Which one should I take out into the field on any given day??? The pressure is immense !

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