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Photo of my M4 entry.


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Once, long ago, I logged on to the benelli forums asking about the M4 entrys and how to get one. Well, it finally arrived this summer, and its everything I hoped and it's been really enjoyable. So here is a photo and a thank you to those who helped me figure out how to make it happen. Thanks again, and happy shooting!



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Just beautiful! :D


If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it from and about how much did you pay? I'm assuming that since you called it an "Entry" model, you bought it as an SBS rather than buying it with the 18" barrel and then cutting it down? I'd love to do something similar myself but the cost and availability is probably going to be the main factor. I already have a trust and other NFA assets though, so I know the drill.


Hey, that light mount isn't polymer is it? I certainly wouldn't go cheap on that after spending thousands on everything else. Oh, and how is the light activated? And many shells does the gun hold at that length? Thanks!

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M1014, pardon my ignorance, what model is that and what mods/accessories did you do/install? Bada$$....
no ignorance on your part,,actually its one of the wisest question on this board,,its was originally an M1 super 90 tactical model,,use a straight stock,21'' ventrib barrel,oversize your controls,limbsaver recoil pad,make sure it is sling friendly and a good quality mag extension and a modified ported choke of your choice,,,,I really miss this one much more over my other ex the M1014 ,,it is alot lighter, versatlity of interchange parts and has a higher mag capacity,,as far as them selling that ruggedness pitch sale of the M1014/m4 or the collapsible stock gimmick,,your wasting your money,that m1 was far funner,,got more bang for the buck,, and just as tough.oohhh the flashlite is some tacstar model I threw on there. Edited by M1014
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