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New Rail for M4!!


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I called Sidearmor today and they just released a mil spec rail for the M4!!


I was looking for just a rail, but I wonder if this is a better option with the shell carrier?


Check this out, this is without attachments:




With attachments:



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Guest cleefurd
Bad ass is more like it.:cool: Not too much $$$ either, even when you factor in the shell holder. Jesus Kip, any reason why we should wait?:confused:


If you think you'll elect to use this means of toting extra shells, it appears to be a superb option. I'm very impressed. Much nicer than their 1 lb alternative, the modular aspect is 1st rate. Very reasonably priced too.

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Kip, once again, I see you slept in until 4:00AM this morning.

In a different thread you mentioned you would have your rail on your site by Friday. Could you please email me a photo of your rail? Or confirm when it will be on your site/available for sale.

Appreciate it.

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I think it looks good Diabolus, are you going to order one?


Hookster :)



You bet! I have been waiting for a rail for a long time. Not only does this solve the mil-spec rail issue, but its got a great carrier as well.


I'm very excited to finally mount my T1 w/ LaRue, I cant wait to sight it in.

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I might pick one of these up too. Myself and many others have been waiting along time to get a nice milspec rail at a good price. The extra shell holder option is icing on the cake. I would reather get this than the Sidearmor super heavy monster rail system.


This looks like alot better option than the Mesa Tactical side saddle but I still might get their Urbino stock with a cheek riser for a proper cheek weld with optics to go along with this new rail and shell holder.

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Received the Sidearmor rail today and just installed. Installation was easy, all tools and Loctite were provided. The quality and fit are outstanding, I'm very happy with it. I bought this Aimpoint over a year ago to install in a LaRue mount and I was finally able to complete!





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