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Quick Benelli M4 Question


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I have the chance to buy a limited edition NIB unfired M1014 for $1375 but the original skeleton stock has been replaced with the plain pistol grip stock.




A brand spankin' new M4 from a local dealer for $1525 out the door add the $200 rebate the total would be $1325 and I would be to original owner and have a full warranty.


What would you do?


Both are two port guns

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With the 11707 you still have the option of replacing the stock with a collapsible stock that will collapse like it should. You can't do that with a 1014 unless you replace the recoil tube. I also had a choice when I bought mine and I went with the 11707 for that reason. Also, I'm not a gun collector, I wanted the M4 because of what it is and I don't want to be too paranoid about shooting it or getting a little scratch on it like I would be with a limited edition 1014. I didn't want the collector value burden.

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OK I just picked up the new one got it for $1500 out the door. The only thing I plan on changing in the tube.


Is the titanium one really needed?


I like the steel ones from FFT and Daves metal works and the prices are a lot better than Ti.


It's not really needed but for a little extra $ it's worth it. You'll save on weight with the ti tube. When you subtract the weight saved with the ti tube and add the weight of 2 extra shells you're pretty much right back where you started which is fine by me. You might change your mind later and add a light and mount which will probably be mounted somewhere towards the front of the gun. Anything you can do to reduce the weight in front is a good idea. I've never favored front-heavy guns but that's just me.:cool:

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Well I took it out today and shot some sporting clays with the wife. I only fired about 40 rounds through the gun and everything I took cycled through it. From my 7/8oz 1250FPS reloads to 00 Buck.


I didn't intend on using the gun for the whole course just brought it along to try out.


The wife and her Kolar were getting too damn close for comfort so out came the K80 and I finished the ass kicking on her. :eek:

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The m1024's have 2 port barrels. No removable chokes.


For that price point, get the 11707. They've had many inline upgrades over the years. The newer models are overall a better weapon.


The m1014 would have to be unfired or much healer for me to consider it. Considering the valuable collapsible stock had been parted out, you're not getting much of a collectors item.

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Get the 11707! Its new. You will have peace of mind no one has "tinkered" with it, and trying to sell you their problem IMO. As far as liking the American Flag, you can always get it engraved yourself, choose where you want to have it put, and how BIG you want the flag. There is a place called "Things Remembered" where I live, and they do engraving on anything thats a hard surface. But after all the advise on here, its your decision, and $$$$ :D

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