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Mossberg may have some gimmicky stuff, but they still make some quality firearms. And if there is a market for a "chainsaw" grip because some dude thinks it'll be cool to work the action that way and fire from the hip without any sense of where his shot is going to go, then that's fine. I bet you see this thing in a movie by the end of 2011.

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When did Mossberg "jump the shark"? I can't take them seriously any more after the Roadblocker release, and now this chainsaw attachment they've just confirmed my sentiment.


I agree, they are putting out so many gimmicks... on a good gun or not, that I will not be buying from them in the future. They are getting comical in their marketing.


I know a lot of Mossbergs are on the battlefield but these tactics in marketing leave me with more of a "toy" sense than a hardened battle weapon.


Now, if you put a chainsaw handle on a Benelli... that I might go for. ;)

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